Ep. 65 - Birth and Sex: What's Holding you Back from Finding Pleasure in Childbirth?​

Why are both childbirth and sex often taboo subjects that evoke shame and silence rather than being seen as a fulfilling and completely natural sexual experience?

In order to discuss this, Debra Pascali Bonaro explores the connection between birth and sex, tackling taboos and shared characteristics like movement and sound. She highlights the harm in separating birth from sexuality and emphasizes understanding anatomy in both contexts, uncovering historical medical practices that disassociates birth from sexuality. Debra urges reclaiming birth’s empowering and sensual aspects, paralleling intimacy and birth while addressing fear and stress. In today’s episode, listeners are encouraged to challenge taboos, infuse pleasure, and reflect on their beliefs, inviting them to share birth stories and offering comprehensive childbirth education to honor the profound link between birth and sex.

In This Episode:

  • Host Debra Pascali-Bonaro delves into the intriguing link between birth and sex, challenging listeners to explore shared taboos and shame
  • Viewing birth as part of one’s sexual continuum is advocated
  • She traces the disassociation of birth from sexuality through medical practices like hospital gowns, emphasizing the need to reclaim sensuality in birth
  • Embracing and celebrating anatomy, fostering empowerment in both sexual and birthing contexts, is highlighted
  • Debra emphasizes the importance of reclaiming sensuality and intimacy in the birthing process, urging listeners to consider creating a birth environment that mirrors the ambiance of a satisfying sexual experience
  • The significance of rhythmic movements, sounds, and privacy in both experiences, fostering comfort and empowerment, are discussed
  • Debra concludes by encouraging listeners to challenge norms, share stories, and seek comprehensive education that integrates birth and sex connections

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Key Takeaways:

  • Birth and sex are two taboo topics that can bring shame and silence
  • Anatomy and physiology of birth are the same as sex
  • Home births allow people to wear their own clothes, move in the way they want, and choose who is present
  • Religion and patriarchy have played a role in separating sexuality and motherhood.
  • Essential for safe and gentle birth: privacy, movement of body, sounds, and breath changes
  • Get out of the mind to have an orgasm or a gentle birth.
  • Bring back birth as part of a woman’s sexual life
  • Partners should talk together and clear any taboos

Tweetable Quotes:

“We must bring together birth and sex.” – Sheila Kittinger

“Both sex and birth should be incredible, orgasmic, pleasurable, joyful, loving, and ecstatic.” – Debra Pascali Bonaro

“It’s so important that we start bringing back birth as a part of a woman’s sexual life. And partners, if you’re listening, this is so important for you to think about for you to clear whatever taboos and things are there and to talk as partners together.” – Debra Pascali Bonaro

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