Ep. 72 - Ecstatic Birth: Nature, Intention and Laughter with Lindsey Marie

Curious about the positive impact of setting intentions for a fulfilling childbirth journey?

Join Lindsey Marie as she shares her transformative birth experiences, emphasizing nature’s connection and the role of healing. Explore the power of connection to your body, baby, and partner, the importance of preparation for childbirth, how to use laughter as a tool for birth, and learn how to approach childbirth with intention and creativity for a fulfilling journey. Let’s dive into Lindsey’s journey of exploring how she can have influence over her pregnancy and childbirth by tapping into an inner strength and love for all beings that will change her life forever.

Lindsey Marie is the founder of Exquisite Motherhood; she is a mother, writer, teacher, and leader in human evolutionary potential. Lindsey specializes in integrative therapeutics and premier lifestyle coaching for women of all ages and backgrounds. Her unique blend of training in psychology, neuroscience, health & fitness, Eastern healing modalities, and various artistic expressions allows her to empower and support others into vibrant and deeply satisfying lives and parenthood.

In this Episode:

  • Lindsey Marie stresses the significance of comprehensive preparation for childbirth, starting before conception
  • The impact of thoughts and choices during pregnancy on the birthing experience, emphasizing the importance of understanding the mind, is underscored
  • Lindsey and her husband chose solitary births but welcomed their children when they wanted to join, creating an intimate family event
  • She prioritized safety and acceptance in her first birth, experiencing intensity while embracing the transformative journey to motherhood
  • In her second pregnancy, Lindsey initially sought an ecstatic, but shifted to focus on a fulfilling experience
  • Her third birth focused on creating art through the birthing process
  • Lindsey emphasizes the importance of nurturing a deep connection with the divine, especially after experiencing trauma and heartbreak
  • Explore Lindsey’s offerings through “Exquisite Motherhood” to enhance your journey into motherhood and healing

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Key Takeaways:

  • Preparation for childbirth is essential for a fulfilling experience
  • Emphasis on connecting with nature and understanding the power of creation
  • Prioritizing mental health and allowing the mind to be a best friend
  • Trusting in the process and listening to intuition for what feels right
  • Birth is an art and a creative energy
  • Acknowledge past pain and trauma as part of the healing journey, contributing positively to humanity and future generations

Tweetable Quotes:

“Let’s bring back the art of giving birth. This doesn’t have to be the stale thing that we do anywhere, whether it’s in an establishment that we feel comfortable in or in our own home. It can be a gorgeous, beautiful representation of our deepest intents, our deepest desires, our deepest gifts, and our deepest creative expressions.” – Lindsey Marie

“And what I think and what I feel very, very strongly about is that it all comes back to the mind and our relationship to it. And our tolerance for thoughts and our ability to really feel like we are the master of our mind, or at least we are co-creating in a way that feels like we’re really thriving.” – Lindsey Marie

“Birth is an opportunity to expand and deepen your connection to your body, your baby, and your partner. But too often, without preparation, people experience the opposite and miss the magic that birth offers.” – Lindsey Marie

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