Ep. 74 - Orgasmic Birth as an Ocean with Annie Weiler

In this powerful episode, new mom Annie shares the transformative story of her 68-hour home birth journey surrounded by her loving family. She describes the ocean-like sensations of her long yet pleasurable labor and birth, the vital support of her doula and midwife, and the incredible bonding experience with her baby and relatives. Annie offers inspiration to other expectant mothers on embracing the waves of labor, trusting your body’s wisdom, and savoring each moment.

Annie Weiler loves children, walks, music, and laughing. She is a MOM, an abolitionist educator and enjoys spending time with all of her amazing family including her baby Yuri, and dog, Tula.

In this episode:

  • Preparing for birth with hypnobirthing and practices
  • Early labor beginning a week before due date
  • Details of the 68-hour labor
  • Resting between surges
  • Support from family during long labor
  • Guidance from the doula
  • The moment of her en caul birth
  • How the birth was orgasmic

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Key takeaways:

  • Having both a doula and midwife is invaluable
  • The ecstatic and pleasurable sensations of birth
  • Embracing each moment of the journey
  • Surrounding yourself with loving support
  • Birth is natural and instinctual. 
  • Gratitude can change your attitude.
  • Be at peace with the unknown and the uncontrollable.
  • Be present with every feeling – even the not so pleasurable ones 

Key Quotes:

“Be present, try to feel all the gratitude and love that you can in every moment and the whole journey.” – Annie Weiler

“I could feel her right there, which was … so surreal.” – Annie Weiler

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Instagram: @ani___wei

Thanks to her doula @alyromotdoula 

And midwife, @elizakaymidwife