Ep. 80 - Painfree Orgasmic Birth with Marie Gaboriau

Today, we delve into the transformative journey of Marie Gaboriau, as she shares her profound experiences with childbirth and the impact it had on her perspective of the body, birth, and parenting. Marie challenges societal narratives around delivery, emphasizing the importance of redesigning how we perceive our bodies and the birthing process. From unexpected pregnancies to orgasmic births, Marie’s story unfolds as a testament to the power of intuition, presence, and surrender in the birthing journey.

Our guest, Marie Gaboriau, is an embodiment specialist and Ortho-Bionomy practitioner. With a background in remedial massage and years of training in Ortho-Bionomy, Marie combines her expertise in anatomy with an intuitive approach to guide her clients toward physical and emotional alignment. Inspired by her birthing experiences, Marie has become a passionate advocate, empowering individuals to trust their bodies and embrace a more intuitive approach to childbirth and parenting.

In This Episode:

  • Marie’s unplanned pregnancy sparked a journey of self-discovery, leading her to explore alternative perspectives on childbirth beyond conventional media portrayals
  • Marie challenges societal norms by reshaping perceptions of bodies, birth, and parenting, guiding others to trust their bodies and embrace the transformative journey of childbirth
  • Confidence and intuition in motherhood allow navigating early parenting with a sense of empowerment, disregarding external pressures and opinions
  • Letting go of expectations, trusting the body’s innate wisdom, and cultivating a mindset of surrender facilitate a smoother birthing experience
  • Being present and adopting a positive mindset during childbirth, shifting focus from fear to a place of surrender helps experience pain differently and have moments of orgasmic release during birth
  • Incorporating embodiment practices, such as meditation and tuning into one’s body, as crucial elements in birth preparation, focusing on inner sensations and feelings, enhances connection with the birthing process
  • Marie’s intuitive approach enables her to connect with clients remotely, helping them release tension and achieve alignment during Ortho-Bionomy sessions

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Key Takeaways:

  • The strength of surrender, releasing expectations, and letting the body guide the process result in tension release and transformative moments
  • Trusting one’s intuition plays a significant role in parenting, making choices aligned with personal values, and resisting external pressures
  • Changing viewpoints and embracing the natural and intuitive elements of the birthing journey will disrupt existing narratives about childbirth
  • The integration of embodiment practices, even in online sessions, can be a powerful tool for releasing tension, achieving alignment, and preparing the body for childbirth
  • Shifting from a mindset of fear to one of surrender and presence can profoundly impact the experience of pain during childbirth

Key Quotes:

“Birth is designed to help us connect to that deep inner wisdom, that sometimes our thinking mind and busyness block us from accessing.”- Marie Gaboriau

“The key point is to allow things to unfold, to release control. I just focused on feeling and breathing—simply doing that and observing what was happening. I was becoming a witness to the process, where my body took charge independently.” – Marie Gaboriau

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marie_gaboriau/


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