Ep. 87 - Insights into How and Why Informed Choice Matters with Dr. Elliot Berlin

How can making informed choices in childbirth empower both parents and practitioners and what does it truly mean to have an empowered birth experience? In this episode, Dr. Elliot Berlin, DC delves into the significance of informed choices in childbirth, exploring the journey from fertility challenges to empowered birth experiences. Dr. Berlin shares his personal and professional insights, highlighting the importance of understanding options and the impact of those choices on the childbirth experience. This episode is a deep dive into how knowledge and choice can transform the birth journey for parents and caregivers alike.


In This Episode:

  • Dr. Berlin’s journey into healthcare and childbirth focus.
  • Dr. Berlin’s realization of the importance of informed choices in childbirth.
  • Encouraging patients to learn about and understand their childbirth options.
  • The shift from directive care to supportive, informed care.
  • The correlation between informed choices and positive birth experiences.
  • The analogy of childbirth preparation to planning a journey.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of being informed, embracing natural healthcare methods and understanding personal health journeys.
  • The power of natural health solutions, resilience in personal health challenges, and the impact of helping others.
  • The necessity of informed consent, respecting patient choices, and the evolution of healthcare practices.
  • The significance of patient autonomy, the diversity of birth experiences, and the role of healthcare providers in supporting informed choices.
  • The empowerment that comes from knowledge, the importance of exploring options, and the impact of preparation on birth experiences.


Key Quotes:

“If you don’t know what the choices are, the pros and cons, you can’t really have an empowered birth experience.” – Elliot Berlin

“A positive birth experience is not about was it vaginal or cesarean, but it’s people feeling respected, supported, and part of decision-making.” – Elliot Berlin

“I work for you. It’s not the other way around. And even when you go to the hospital, everybody there works for you.” – Elliot Berlin


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