Ep. 92 - Psychedelic Cervix: Can Childbirth Evoke Pleasure Instead of Pain with Dr. Jenny Martin

Childbirth is often defined by pain, fear, and medical intervention— but what if there was another way? Ancient wisdom traditions understood birth as a sacred, transformative process that could activate deep states of pleasure and connection through a woman’s primal brain-heart-womb axis. Pioneers are now rediscovering these possibilities, teaching that our very biology is wired for ecstasy during labor and delivery when supported by safety, trust, and an open mind. 

This episode explores the profound yet often overlooked capacities of the female body during birth and sexuality with our guest, Dr. Jenny Martin. Dr. Martin is a pioneer in the field of orgasmic birthing and the psychedelic cervix model. Through her teachings, she helps women understand their innate capacity for spiritual experience and pleasure during childbirth by activating their genital-brain and heart-cervix connections.

Listen in as Debra and Dr. Martin reveal how a woman’s unique genital-brain connection allows her cervix and uterus to directly interface with the brain and central nervous system, simple techniques to help activate the “psychedelic cervix”, how endogenous psychedelics in women’s bodies can help create an effortless, nurturing passage for both mother and baby, societal myths around female sexuality and spirituality, and science-backed case for our innate human capacity for sacred pleasure and consciousness expansion.


Episode Highlights:

02:32 Unlocking a Woman’s Sexual Potential Through Birth

06:34 Psychedelics and Neuroprotection

13:42 Challenging Societal Norms

17:36 The Psychedelic Cervix

24:19 Sexual Empowerment During Pregnancy 

28:55 Reclaiming Feminine Power Through Surrender


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Connect with Dr. Martin:

Dr. Jenny Martin is inspired by democratizing psychedelic states of consciousness and the healing possibilities that could result for the entire planet. 

She is passionate about helping people learn about the psychedelic potential that exists within us. 

Dr. Jenny is on a mission to elevate our understanding of erotic love and the vital role human sexuality plays in accessing psychedelic states naturally.

She is a Psychologist who draws on psychedelic science, biophysics, neuroscience, psychology, and ancient wisdom in her training programs.

Website: https://drjennymartin.com/ 

X: https://twitter.com/JennymartinDr



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