Ep. 96 - Tips for a Gentle Cesarean Birth with Debra Pascali-Bonaro

“Preparing ahead is important as birth trauma often happens when the unexpected happens, and your voice and choice are not heard or honored.” —Debra Pascali-Bonaro

While many expectant parents envision an ideal birth experience, it’s important to prepare for the possibility that things may not unfold as planned. Complications can arise that require medical intervention for the health and safety of the mother and baby. A caring provider will discuss all options to find the best solution. Having discussed preferences for interventions like cesarean birth ahead of time allows expectant parents’ voices to still be heard and choices respected, even when flexibility is needed. An open and understanding perspective and support system can help ensure that however birth transpires, it is still a meaningful experience bringing new life into the world.

Discover proven strategies to give your cesarean birth experience the love, care, and meaning you envision for welcoming your new baby into the world as your host, Debra, talks about how to positively prepare your mindset for the experience, discuss your preferences with your healthcare providers, and enhance the sensory aspects to allow delaying interventions. Plus learn how reflecting on your birth can help with processing and healing.

Write down your own Gentle Cesarean Birth preference and if you would like more support join Debra’s Pleasurable Birth Essentials Online Childbirth Class at https://www.orgasmicbirth.com/pleasurable-birth-essentials/ it is a go-at-your-own-pace course.  

Debra also has a class on positively preparing for a cesarean or a VBAC vaginal birth after cesarean https://orgasmicbirth.thinkific.com/courses/cesarean-vbac 


Episode Highlights:

03:34 Enhancing Childbirth Experience Through Sensory Details

07:18 Cesarean Birth Choices and Support

13:38 Birth and Postpartum Care for a Safe and Supported Experience 

17:22 Planning a Gentle Cesarean Birth

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