Ep. 99 - It’s a Business Doing Pleasure! with Alexandra Fine

“Pleasure was a part of what it meant to feel good in life. Sexual identities are important that these things are worth investing and understanding.” —Alexandra Fine

While male sexuality is frequently encouraged or normalized in mainstream culture, female sexuality and pleasure are often negative and stigmatizing. As a result, women face barriers in openly discussing their bodies and experiences with sexuality. This leads to women’s health being politicized and their access to information and tools related to pleasure being restricted. However, perspectives are gradually shifting as more voices advocate for women’s rights to explore their sexuality freely and pursue fulfillment in their intimate relationships without shame.  

Alexandra Fine is a sexologist and the co-founder of Dame Products, a company that designs tools specifically tailored to help women explore pleasure and reclaim their sexuality. Through her work at Dame Products and as an advocate, she aims to have open discussions around female sexuality and empower women.

Tune in as Debra and Alexandra share insight into navigating sexuality, childbirth, and parenting while challenging stigmas around female pleasure. They also discussed societal attitudes towards female pleasure, the challenges of promoting healthy views of sexuality, how vibrators can be used for pain management during labor and birth, and more. 

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Episode Highlights:

04:14 The Business of Pleasure

09:30 The Journey: Childbirth, Parenting, and Sexuality 

15:39 Societal Attitudes Toward Female Pleasure and Sexuality

20:51 Vibrators for Pain Management

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About Alexandra:

Alexandra Fine is a lifelong student of sexual health. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dame Products, a credentialed sexologist, and a member of Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2018. She Co-Founded Dame Products, a sexual health company that designs innovative tools for sex and starts necessary conversations to help women reclaim pleasure. 


After earning her master’s in clinical psychology with a concentration in sex therapy from Colombia, she decided to lend her passion and expertise to the world of sex tech. Since 2014, Dame Products and its meticulously engineered vibrators have been met with critical and popular acclaim earning praise and outlets, including the New York Times, Forbes, Wired, BBC, and The Today Show. 



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