This episode of the Orgasmic Birth podcast dives deep into the power of pleasure during pregnancy and childbirth. In this episode, Erika Alsborn shares her powerful story of giving birth which was marked by intense sensations and an altered state of mind. Through her own healing journey and experience with birthing her first child, Erika has realized how transformative childbirth can be. This conversation explores the taboo shame surrounding sexual pleasure in childbirth along with the lack of good sexual education that has led to elements of pleasure being lost.

Erika Alsborn is a leading sex and birth coach in Sweden who specializes in helping women reclaim their pleasure, sensual delight, and sexual confidence. Her personal journey of sexual healing and growth motivated her to switch from nursing to sexual health. After giving birth to her first child in 2019, she recognized the profound impact childbirth can have and now collaborates with women to help them prepare for a gratifying, confident, and orgasmic birthing process.

Tune in now for an intimate conversation about reclaiming our right to pleasurable experiences during pregnancy and childbirth!

In this episode:

  • The speaker shares her own sexual healing and expansion journey that helped her career shift from nursing to working with sexual health
  • Erika explains how she used breathing and sounding techniques to both tolerate and transform the sensations into pleasure, creating a sacred and orgasmic experience
  • She felt a deep connection to her body, baby, and the process, surrendering to her body’s power and trusting in her own strength
  • Listeners will learn about using visualization to create a portal for an easy and gentle birthing experience as well as how to engage in pleasure practices to envision themselves as a birthing sexual pleasure goddess
  • Erika shares practical advice on how exploring sensuality and deepening connections with one’s senses can bring greater pleasure into everyday life as well as help foster a deeper connection with the body throughout pregnancy and birth

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