Having an Orgasmic Birth

with Renee Rodriguez

Renée Rodriguez talks about her experience of pregnancy as a woman in the corporate world and how she was able to explore birth options that were as dynamic as her changing life. She highlights how involving sexuality throughout both of her labors transformed her state of mind and being, ultimately leading to two orgasmic births. With her stories, she aims to emphasize that you don’t need perfect conditions or a perfect pregnancy to have an orgasmic birth.

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Renée Rodríguez is a Doula and Orgasmic Childbirth Activist

She was amazed to find out how beautiful, empowering, and even orgasmic giving birth could be.

She believes the world should know that it is also possible to be born with pleasure.

For this reason, she was trained as a Doula, and has dedicated her life to accompany other women to create well-being from their pregnancy, so that they can begin and live their motherhood fully and pleasantly.