How Well Do You Know Your Vagina?

Carolyn DeLucia, MD., FACOG is a board-certified OB/GYN helping women to regain their feminine empowerment through sexual wellness by solving painful sex, lack of sensation, and pleasure. She helps women to restore their confidence, reconnect with their partners and reclaim their lives. She is also the author of Ultimate Intimacy.

Dr. DeLucia shares a review of female anatomy, G-Spot, Clitoris and the effects of childbirth, menopause, and estrogen on the vaginal walls and sexual sensation.

She also shares a beautiful understanding of how our vulvas are each like a snowflake, beautiful, and unique.

"Sexual pleasure impacts every aspect of our lives!"
-Dr. DeLucia

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The Great Wall of Vaginas: 

Orgasmic Birth Practitioner Program

For YEARS I’ve had requests from doulas and birth practitioners around the globe for more training and mentorship around the Orgasmic Birth Concept.

It’s been a huge goal of mine to someday have a program that supported providers as they supported their clients in having more pleasurable, powerful and Orgasmic Births.

I believe that EVERY family deserves a pleasurable birth!

As you know probably know by now, I am all about PLEASURE.

I am so incredibly excited to announce that our Orgasmic Birth Practitioner program is now in development. We have expert interviews lined up, a wonderful and easy-to-use course software for housing all of our content, and I have so many ideas for tools and tips to support you.