Lotus en caul Birth Story

with Sarah-Jane

One of the greatest joys of being the founder of the Orgasmic Birth movement is meeting people around the world who are in all different places of healing and expanding into their vision for birth and parenting.

I’ll never forget meeting Sarah-Jane at our retreat in Bali. It was particularly special because Sarah-Jane was preparing to welcome her second child. We were not only able to spend a beautiful time together during our eight-day retreat, but afterwards we enjoyed many hours together as she moved through the many emotions and healing from her first birth as she prepared for her second.

I loved watching her create her incredible and supportive birth team as she prepared for a beautiful Orgasmic Birth. I’m so excited to share our special webinar – reconnecting and sharing not only her ecstatic birth story but with inspirational tips and wisdom as she is birthing forward her wisdom in some very special ways.


Seeing each person find their power in birth is an honour beyond what I have words to describe, I invite you to hear for yourself Sarah-Jane’s power of birth.  ~Debra

I am convinced that lotus birth is the most empowering, healing and gentle way to birth. I was blown away by the power of Remy’s birth. The power of a positive mindset and how the birth preparation modalities of hypnotherapy, coaching, trauma release work, kundalini yoga and meditation can truly help to hold you in the safest, most sacred space for birth.”


About Sarah-Jane

Sarah-Jane is an actor, filmmaker, hypnotherapist and coach dedicated to empowering women to reclaim their inherent power to birth ecstatically, autonomously and gently. Co-Founder of online coaching platform Mandalia with Tanja-Juana Wenzel, Sarah-Jane wishes to carry on in the footsteps of her birthkeeper heroines creating a new narrative around birth and womens’ wisdom.

Connect with Sarah-Jane

Sarah-Jane also joined us for Eat Pray Doula and gave birth at Bumi Sehat shortly after our retreat.

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