Neighborhood Doula Project

Debra Pascali-Bonaro and Carlita Singletary share about community doulas, life lessons learned and what being a doula means for you and your clients. 

Carlita and Debra met in 1995 as a part of New Jersey’s first community doula program. Carlita taught Debra and all of the doulas so much. Her nurturing circles and self care rituals truly changed their lives. 

Enjoy their candid conversation about the joys, challenges and vision that being doulas for more than 25 years has given them. Watch the webinar replay below, and enjoy Carlita’s insights that will guide you and your practice especially in these times.

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Carlita Singletary, KWCF

Carlita has the innate gift at facilitating circles, communities and ultimately, transformation. She inherently knows that helping to heal people from the inside out is way more powerful than anything this world can offer.

Carlita is a known motivational speaker in various communities throughout Passaic, Essex and Mercer counties. She values collaboration , promotes compassion for all, exercises self control through prayer and meditation. She demonstrates self empowerment by helping others tap into their own self growth and
self worth. She is also a trusted servant of the diverse recovery population and helps to empower women from various walks of

Carlita is a natural leader. She invests herself in other people’s sometimes lack of ability to see their own greatness and potential to help them maximize self worth. She promotes self love and inspires audiences of any size to step out of complacency to embrace the greatest version of themselves.

Over the years, Carlita’s gifts has helped others heal the broken parts of themselves. She has walked alongside countless of women and helped them to re-connect to the never ending
strength of their own hearts.

In 1995 She was part of a grass roots program in Paterson “The Neighborhood Doula Project”. The program was funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation through NJ Maternal Child Health Consortium and later Healthy Mother’s, Healthy Babies. As a Doula she assisted expectant mothers in treatment or with substance use histories throughout their pregnancies with labor and delivery and postpartum that sought to better their lives and parenting skills. In 1997 she was the recipient of The NJ Outreach Leadership Award for her outstanding dedication and commitment to serve the community. She was also a key interviewer of mothers in Paterson NJ in 1997 for the NJ Blue Ribbon Symposiums on Black Infant Mortality with the State of NJ. 

Carlita is the founder of  “Keep Walking  Community Foundation” an empowerment ministry organization for women that was birthed in 2016.