Ep. 3 of the Orgasmic Birth Podcast

From Sexual Orgasm to Orgasmic Births with Renee Rodríguez

Orgasmic Birth Podcast: Pleasure in pregnancy, birth and parenting. I believe pleasure is our birthright – from our sexuality, birth, parenting and beyond, we can find pleasure when we create space for joy and intimacy in our lives. Join me to have deep conversations about breaking the taboos of Sexuality + Motherhood/Parenthood.

Listen to leading experts in sexuality, healing and childbirth as well as stories from new parents, doulas, doctors, midwives and nurses. We will discuss how to positively prepare for childbirth and parenting by expanding love and intimacy in your life.

In this episode, we discuss:

Renee talks about her amazing orgasmic birth experience with her two children. Being in the present and listening to your body helps prevent unnecessary discomfort, while also keeping the experience pure. Finding the right people around you, the doula and midwife, in whom you have confidence, is one of the key factors to achieving orgasmic birth. How husbands could support their wives throughout their entire labor and childbirth.

Key Takeaways:

You know your body more than anyone. It knows what it needs. Listen to it Finding pleasure during childbirth is possible for women.

“Women’s birth can be a joyful experience and definitely a transforming experience. Even if it might involve pain, it doesn’t have to involve suffering.” – Renee Rodriguez

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