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The story of my delivery is very unusual. It was a harsh and revealing experience at the same time.

On the one hand, I was a victim of obstetric violence, on the other, the process of my delivery led me to a knowledge that I never imagined could exist.

During my delivery something happened that I consider a revelation, something that prompted me to investigate the true nature and function of the uterus and that helped me formulate my Second Uterus Theory.

A Pain-free Birth Story

My name is Aixa Laxmi, and the history of my delivery is as follows:

At the 37th week of gestation, my gynecologist started talking about induction. So for no reason, simply because Christmas was coming and he was going on vacation. I refused induction and they put me in the hands of his substitute. My pregnancy dragged on, they made me very scared saying that my daughter could die at any moment. Finally I gave in to the pressure and accepted the induction at week 41 + 3 of gestation. There was no medical reason for it, because my uterus was fine, my placenta was fine, my amniotic fluid was fine and above all, my daughter was fine.

The procedure of my induction was a mass of lies and interventions without explanation and without my consent. But what I want to tell here is not the story of obstetric mistreatment that my daughter and I suffered, but the revelation and the surprising of my experience.

At 10 am they broke my amniotic fluid bag and injected me with the synthetic oxytocin infusion.

Almost immediately I began to experience contractions very closely, at intervals of less than 3 minutes and tremendously intense. My contractions were so intense that they went off the chart. The paper on the monitor that recorded the intensity of the contractions was not wide enough to draw the amplitude of my uterine contractions. There was a time, at the top of the wave, when the graph was flat, although the intensity of the contraction continued to increase.

I had these intense and close-knit contractions for over 14 hours, and now comes the surprising thing about my case: Those uterine contractions were completely painless to me.

Despite the stupefaction of the nurses and the gynecologist who attended me, my uterine contractions were completely painless …

On multiple occasions they offered me epidural anesthesia, I always rejected it. I felt no pain at all.

What was going on in my uterus? For a time I thought that I might have some kind of special sensitivity to pain. But later I found out that it wasn’t that at all.

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After a long time of training in different psycho-body techniques, study and research on the physiology of the uterus and childbirth, I discovered that I was not special, but that, for years, I had done something that the rest of the women had not done, and so my uterus did not hurt. I had been training my uterus in may different ways.

During my synthetic oxytocin induction, I became aware for the first time that my uterus was a muscle. The feeling during those intense uterine waves was that this muscle was contracting with great force, and that my uterus was fully prepared for the effort it was making, despite not being a natural delivery, but chemically induced.

I understood that the uterus is a very strong muscle and that as such it can be trained, can be strengthened and can be relaxed.

I discovered that painful uterine contractions are pathological and that a muscle does not hurt when it does a job for which it is fully prepared.

If a muscle does not mobilize, if it does not train, it is weak, it atrophies, and with great effort, it hurts and its work is ineffective.

If a muscle accumulates tension and contractures, it hurts when you make any effort.

If a muscle is not used, it loses its neurological connection to the nervous system, and when it makes an effort, it does so spasmodically and painfully.

However, the uterine muscle can be strengthened and relaxed. And that’s what my Second Uterus Theory is based on and the uterine muscle training work I do through my Laxmi Method. The Laxmi Method is a physical and emotional training program that improves the mother’s health in general and does very specific work on the uterus.

The Laxmi Method is based on a deep understanding of the uterus, its function and its neurological connection with the autonomic nervous system, on the use of muscle chains to stimulate the uterus in a very specific way, and on meditation on the uterus. to relax tensions and reconnect it neurologically with the nervous system.

An important part of this work is to heal one’s sexuality and acceptance of one’s own body and to connect with pleasure in movement and in life. And another part is the woman’s understanding of the hormonal process, of its similarity to orgasm. And learn to put thoughts and emotions in favor of the natural hormonal flow in childbirth.

As a result, a very significant reduction in the number of interventions. For example, among my students, there are only 2% of caesarean sections. Although they have all given birth in hospitals. 

Some of my students manage to have completely painless and easy deliveries.

Most explain that they feel in control during their delivery. They say they feel perfectly where their baby is going, they can visualize it inside and they know how to help them make their transition to life easier. ”

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About Aixa Laxmi

Creator of the Laxmi Method and author of the Second Uterus Theory.

Creator and trainer of the Laxmi Method, Technical Architect, Coach, Oriental Dance teacher, Mat Pilates instructor, Prenatal Yoga teacher, Clinical Hypnosis facilitator for childbirth (Naces Method), Noesitherapy Facilitator, Effective Parenting Method facilitator, teacher of Dynamic Meditation, with training as a Doula, in Mindfulness and Energy Channeling. And mother of Sara, a girl who has transformed my life and who is my greatest teacher.

Co-founder of the Spanish Congress of Therapeutic Belly Dance.

Speaker at the best practices seminar at CIMCA’2016 (Ibero-American Conference on Education: Create, Motivate and Learn) at the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid.

Speaker at the “II Women, Health and Sports Conferences” organized by the Sophia Institute.

Lecturer in the “Physical Exercise Sessions during Pregnancy” for students of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

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