9 Steps to Transform Your Life and LOVE Your Body... After Baby

Are you ready to prioritize your happiness and pleasure?

I honor and celebrate you! You have become (or are about to become) a parent. 

You are doing the most important job in the world to shape the next generation with your love and parenting. 

I remember when I first became a mom and wondered why there is no preparation that includes all the changes you will experience in your relationship to your body, and as a result, your sexuality… 

I couldn’t find any book that honored this aspect of the major life transition of parenting. 

There was nothing out there that celebrated mothers, and all birthing people, and our new and changed bodies. 

Unfortunatley, what I did find, is a lot of pressure to “bounce back” or ways to get rid of the physical markings that reflected the fact that I had created a life. 

Everything was about erasing the most amazing moment I had experienced.

Photo Courtesy of Bhavana Mama Birth

Still, there is silence, and unspoken shame about the changes in body and life that every new birth parent experiences.

The world goes on, but you are forever changed. 

Until now there were no guides to show you how to truly embrace the beauty that is your new post-baby body so you can enhance your relationship and sexuality, which are the foundation for parenting from a place of love and wholeness.

Before I go on, let me be clear and say, that some women do “bounce back” and that’s OK, too. The goal here is to love your body, no matter what has or hasn’t changed, as a result of birthing your baby.

I wrote, “The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Baby: Secrets to Love and Intimacy” to fill these gaps for new parents. 

Using the acronym PLEASURES, I guide readers with 9 steps I have gathered from my work around the world listening to new parents, learning from sexuality educators, and gathering stories of how parents either expand their sexuaity and birth themselves with love and acceptance – or sadly the opposite, when birth strips away their dignity and sense of self, leaving people feeling less sexy, less desirable to themselves and others. 

It’s time for you to stand in your new HOT mama power and experience more PLEASURE than ever before!!

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You deserve to be and feel loved. 

You deserve to celebrate that being a mother and a sexy wild woman are all aspects of parenting that exist together. 

When you become a parent without expressing your feelings, healing, exploring your beliefs and expectations about motherhood, parenthood, and sexuality — and celebrating your physical changes — it’s impossible to be the person, the partner, and the parent you hoped you’d be.

Sadly, you may experience a loss of self and you give up on your dreams. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Don’t let old beliefs or lack of knowledge take your pleasure away.  

You deserve to LOVE that hot mama body, express every part of who you are, have fun, better sex, and more love!