Meet Amy Greenfield, a five-time Ironman, former teacher, doula, and birth photographer. In this episode, she unveils her path, from miscarriages to birthing twins in a hospital and finally embracing an empowering homebirth. Amy talks about the importance of empowerment in childbirth and how education can help avoid unnecessary interventions. Discover the transformative power of education, unconventional labor techniques, and the support available from loved ones, doulas, midwives, and workshops. Let Amy’s story inspire you to trust your own abilities when your own birthing experience arrives.

In this episode:

  • Amy Greenfield is a five-time Ironman, former classroom teacher, doula, and birth photographer
  • Before her twins arrived, Amy faced the heartbreak of two miscarriages
  • In a hospital setting, Amy gave birth to her twins after being induced at 38 weeks
  • A chance encounter with a midwife sparked Amy’s curiosity, inspiring her to explore alternative options for future pregnancies
  • Amy’s second labor unfolded over 10 hours, with active labor commencing at 6 am, painting her journey with moments of intensity and determination
  • Reflecting on her third labor, she experimented with an oil smoothie, a decision that she later came to regret
  • Fascinated by moon phases, she found herself eagerly anticipating her due date, aligned with the enchanting glow of a full moon
  • Embracing a profound sense of empowerment, Amy carefully planned and executed a home birth for her fifth child, guided by the same midwife who had sparked her journey of self-discovery
  • Inspired by her transformative experiences, Amy empowers first-time mothers to approach childbirth with confidence, trusting in their own strengths and abilities

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Key Takeaways:

  • Prepare for birth by educating yourself and being an expert on pregnancy
  • Doula workshops can help prepare for birth
  • Doing mental work helps to get rid of birth fear
  • Keep voice slow and jaw relaxed to avoid tearing
  • Enjoy birthing as a physical feat and a challenge
  • 80% of birthing is emotional fears, 20% physical

Tweetable Quotes:

“You are the expert, and we are made to feel like we’re not the expert, but we are.” – Amy Greenfield

“I just knew I could have better. I just knew I could be better. And so I did seek out…I found my power.” – Amy Greenfield

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