Pregnant and Empowered

Elizabeth Clyde, the author of Pregnant and Empowered, retells her birth stories and discusses her experience as an African American millennial mother. She advises pregnant people to make birth a mental experience and to make it their own. She found the presence of mind to be a powerful, reflexive tool that is useful whether a birth experience is a marathon or a sprint. Elizabeth emphasizes the importance of advocating as the primary care for your child and explores how disparities emerge from lack of encouragement toward education. The power in birthing and nursing a child is one that should be chosen but is too often stolen away.

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Orgasmic Birth

Orgasmic Birth


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About Elizabeth and Jeral

Jeral and Elizabeth Clyde are a husband and wife team producing movies, documentaries, and books. Elizabeth serves as lead project manager for their real estate business and Jeral is the lead director for media projects. This year they produced 10 books, with two becoming best-sellers.

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Birth is the only experience I can fully categorize as one way in, and one way out.

No matter how a woman gives birth the understanding is that life must be brought forth.

From the moment of conception a mother should be able to feel the joy and excitement of welcoming life into this world.
Instead, the media has been flooding the minds of women with vicious statistics that do nothing for the psyche of the mother.

I am a home birthing mother of two healthy African American sons. My experiences as a pregnant mother forced me to go into myself since there was nowhere outside I could go.

This book shares the story of my first successful home birth, which then followed a free-birth of my second son.

Tune into my story, and believe in the magic of carrying life within.

You can do this, and I am here to encourage you no matter how you choose to give birth. The end goal for everyone involved in this sacred process should always be a healthy mother and baby: non-negotiable.

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