Orgasmic Birth: Is It Real?

As a part of our Orgasmic Birth community I think you know the answer to “Is Orgasmic Birth Real” but you may enjoy reading all of the data that I shared in my most recent article that was published on BabyChick. Click HERE to read!

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Excerpt from the Article

Have you ever heard of orgasmic birth? Not many have. Overmedicalization of maternity care, especially in low-risk births, has sterilized the birth experience, taking away access to a full range of comfort, emotional support, and most of all, pleasure. Without a system that supports women and all birthing people to stay in their power to listen to their bodies, to feel supported and nurtured, honored and respected, we have actually created a more painful birthing process. One that I think creates fear and pain rather than confidence and pleasure. I believe pleasure is our birthright. Let me begin by explaining how I discovered orgasmic birth.

“My first birth was joyful, challenging, and powerful. The more I attended births as a doula, offering physical and emotional comfort and support during pregnancybirth, and postpartum, the more I saw orgasmic birth hidden in plain view.”  Debra Pascali-Bonaro

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