Join us as we explore how to prepare consciously for postpartum care with Christine Eck’s insight and wisdom. We will discuss how to create a safety net through communication with partners, researching resources on postpartum care, and exploring nourishing foods, music, and smells that make us feel safe. We will also explore different ways caregivers can acknowledge and honor the shift into parenthood, such as through ceremonies, rituals, self-massage with warm oils, breathing practices, and writing. Plus, we will dive into Christine’s experience of how to support families during the sacred window of time, providing comfort and basic needs, offering advice and information, and making sure partners feel supported.

Christine Eck,
founder, and director of the Center for Sacred Windows Studies, is a passionate advocate for social awareness and change in postpartum care. She is a mother to four children, an Ayurvedic Health Consultant, a Birth and Postpartum Doula, an educator, a speaker, an organizer, a caregiver, and a group facilitator.

In this episode:

  • Christine Eck is joining to offer important information on how to prepare for a conscious postpartum care
  • Christine’s mission is to empower professionals in postpartum care and families with information and tools in creating the support needed
  • During pregnancy, people should think about who will be in their circle of care, where to get food from, and how to take care of themselves.
  • “Kaya Kalpa” window is a Sanskrit term for a sacred window of time where we can reset our bodies and prepare for renewal.
  • She discovered Ayurveda which gave her a roadmap to help her recover during the first six weeks

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Key Takeaways:

  • We can create our own window of care whenever we need it
  • It’s important to look inside and identify what makes us feel nourished (e.g., food, music, smells)
  • Having an emotional and psychological safety net is key before considering postpartum foods and routines
  • Inviting individuals to find what makes them feel sacred and create a ceremony or ritual that reflects this
  • Partners have an important role to play in the postpartum period, including providing comfort and support
  • Gathering helpers and creating preparedness ahead of time can be life-changing

Tweetable Quotes:

“And there are a million different ways, depending on who we are and what makes us feel cared for, that we can really give back to ourselves after the amazing work that we’ve done.” – Christine Eck

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