The State of World Doulas

I had the honor of sitting in on a webinar this past week from the Partnership for Maternal Child Health of Northern New Jersey that my friend and colleague Jill Wodnick was presenting on.  She inspired me as I am preparing to present on the  Successes and Challenges for International Implementation of Doula Services for the V Conferência Internacional sobre Humanização do Parto e Nascimento conference in Brazil.  I decided this information is too important not to share with you too!

I hope you enjoy our Doula Spotlight, please join me to celebrate the invaluable contributions of doulas worldwide as I  share updates on the latest developments in doula care. 

Doula Highlight: International Childbirth Initiative (ICI): 12 Steps for Safe and Respectful MotherBaby -Family Maternity Care: 

  • ICI Step 4: Offering Continuous Support during labor and birth including doulas. 
  • The ICI includes how Doulas play a crucial role in providing continuous support, contributing to positive birthing experiences and improved outcomes for mothers and newborns.
  • This week I am celebrating  the longstanding presence of doulas in Brazil.   Sophia Feldman Maternity Hospital in Brazil is  a pioneer in the implementation of ICI and a shining example of the integral role doulas play in maternity care.

Global Reach of Doula Services

  • Esther Kimani, a new doula trainer along with Amadoma Bediako recently taught a DONA doula training at an ICI site in Kenya.  ICI sites worldwide include doula partnerships in  Bali, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mongolia, Turkey, Quebec, Canada, Brazil, Kenya  and many more ICI healthcare facilities are recognizing the importance of integrating doulas into maternity care, acknowledging their role in fostering Safe, Respectful MotherBaby-Family Maternity Care.

Legislative Advances in New Jersey

  • In my home state of New Jersey, S-4119/A-5739 was signed in January stating that “ hospitals and birthing centers must develop and maintain policies that allow doulas to accompany patients before, during, and after labor and childbirth. These facilities will also be required to publicly post their policies and designate a contact to maintain communications between their staff, the doula community, and patients.” 
  • This bill reflects growing recognition of doulas’ ability to reduce complications, lower C-section rates, create equity  and provide essential support during childbirth.
  • Notably, doulas in NJ are covered by Medicaid; public insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ, and many corporate insurance plans, ensuring accessibility for birthing families across the state.

Updates on Doula Care and Medicaid Reimbursement across the US

State of Doula Care in New York

Partnership Strategies with Doulas

California Doula Reimbursement is increased to  the highest in the U.S 

Addressing Challenges in Doula Care

While there are many positives happening with doulas in the US and around the world.   This Doula report reflects on doula burnout, traumatic births and childcare needs and the opportunity to hear doulas as well as the importance of equity for all to become doulas  as well as to have a doula from the community — 


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