When Survivors Give Birth

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault

Our webinar covered difficult feelings that can be challenging, and yet is essential to talk about. I hope as you listen you can create a safe space for yourself.  


Take 3 deep breaths and pause and go at your own pace.  

Tammy Ryan has vast experience as a doula trainer, Spinning Babies teacher working around the world.  She teaches “When Survivors Give Birth” to help both survivors heal and birth workers learn skills to provide respectful, sensitive care that facilities healing and positive births.  Tammy has experienced firsthand the barriers birthing people face worldwide in getting adequate care in childbirth and postpartum.  Her session provides important insights into what the #MeToo helped us see – that many more people are survivors sadly than data had thought.  She guided us in many ways to understand how some childbirth practices and words can cause survivors more trauma or cause trauma to anyone. Tammy inspired us to see what we can do to make sure birthing people always stay in their power.  It was healing, inspiring and an important session for all of us who want to ensure that every person gives birth with respect, safety and to facilitate that  birth can be a positive, healing, and pleasurable experience 

About Tammy

Tammy Ryan has been attending births since 2002. She is a birth doula trainer for DONA International, childbirth educator, midwifery assistant and one of six trainers worldwide for Spinning Babies. Tammy has sat on the DONA International board of directors plus several other boards. She started working Internationally in 2008 when she went to DR Congo to train life-saving skills in childbirth according to the World Health Organization. She has served in Haiti, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Korea, Japan, India, Israel & Brazil. Tammy has presented childbirth information on several venues including international conferences, TV, radio, universities and to the Ministry of Health. She has been published in the quarterly International Doula and on several blogs. Tammy teaches When Survivors Give Birth as a way to help survivors and birth workers. Tammy has experienced first hand the barriers women face worldwide in getting adequate care in childbirth and postpartum.

Watch our film, Orgasmic Birth that includes a powerful survivor story showing how healing birth can be….

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Orgasmic Birth


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