Communication is Key: Partnership Matters in Birth & Life

with Piper and Chaz Lovemore a featured couple from Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret 

“Your intuition is overridden by your fear. When you get rid of your fear, you are able to trust your intuition.”

– Chaz 

10 Years ago, we introduced you to Piper and Chaz as they welcomed their baby in our film, Orgasmic Birth. Since then, they have gone on to have 5 more babies, move to Hawaii, are unschooling their children, and are on a mission to support parents in their journeys to become parents. 
Together they are Lovemore Lamaze, teaching Lamaze Childbirth Classes to expectant parents. Piper also serves families as a birth doula, midwife, and freebirthing consultant. Chaz shares his wisdom counseling partners in addressing their own fears and finding their intuition. 
In our latest webinar, Piper and Chaz (along with cameos from the Lovemore pack), share their top tips for Communication and preparing for birth as partners. As Piper said “Birth is a grand foreshadowing of the tools you’ll need as a parent. So the less obstruction there is in downloading that information that is trying to come through, perhaps the more ease you’ll have in growing and expanding into parenthood.” 
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About Piper and Chaz

Piper LoveMore is a birthworker on a mission. Her goal: to empower families around the globe to navigate their birth experiences with confidence and pleasure. To that end she has pursued certification as a Lamaze educator, a doula, and a midwife, spending countless hours in service to the parturient population. 
Chaz LoveMore is an audio engineer by trade, and a birth educator by necessity. “I realized that most dads had no idea what I was talking about, most of them were terrified, and I felt like that was unacceptable.” Having been transformed by his first birth experience, he sought to encourage other partners to discover the power of their presence in the birth space, by speaking directly to their unique concerns. Together with Piper, he has worked to craft a unique childbirth education experience that both prepares and inspires expectant parents. Piper and Chaz have enjoyed five freebirths since their Orgasmic Birth delivery. They now live, love and explore in Hawaii with their six, free-learning children.
Find more from Piper via her @DecolonizedParenting Podcast

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