As I awoke on this chilly winter day on Bainbridge Island, much earlier than I had expected to, I remembered that I was beginning a Women’s Kundalini Yoga Circle with my favorite teacher and so I decided to rise and start my day, even though I always prefer to stay in bed ordinarily on a Sunday morning! Who doesn’t? I unrolled my mat, lit a candle, grabbed my favorite crystals and created a mini altar around my computer as I entered the Zoom room. I have long loved yoga, (almost three decades of deeply pleasurable practice!) but what I love even more is gathering together with women who are committed to upleveling their wellness and filling up their cup until it’s overflowing. This makes my spirit happy. 

One of the gifts of this year for me, and for many of us, is prioritizing our health– body, mind, spirit, for it is truly precious and nothing is guaranteed! Supporting my health and the health of my family, friends and colleagues has become a passion for me. As a longtime spiritual counselor and sacred life, birth and business coach and counselor, I have been committed to the mental, emotional, spiritual and financial well being of women for several decades now, whether on the path to motherhood or midwifing a successful business. Little did I know what God had in store for me to take this all to the next level, however. 

A year and a half ago I was met with a cancer diagnosis. Cancer in both breasts. The diagnosis came as a complete shock, as I had been on a healing journey with my body and my health for about four years prior, had healed Candida, a frozen shoulder, lost 35 pounds and was feeling really amazing. After receiving the diagnosis, I was determined to work with my body naturally to heal the cancer and that is what I have done. With a number of natural therapies, protocols, major diet changes, a lot of supplements, and a whole lot of love and support from friends and family, I am happy to report no further metastasis and the tumors are shrinking, and I have lost an additional 15 pounds since the diagnosis, which I am grateful for. 

Each day I wake grateful for another day to love my body and my health, as well as support others who are on a healing path around their health and their body. I design my days around self-care now and I don’t allow work to be the number one priority anymore. A cancer diagnosis really offers us the opportunity to get clear on how we are relating to life, our bodies, our health. As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “In order to wake up we need a wake up call!” For me, it was a cancer diagnosis, for others it’s auto-immune disease like Hashimotos, diabetes, MS, Lyme disease, I could go on. While on my own healing journey, and with all that I have practiced to help me heal, the one thing that truly stands out is the power of nutrition; pure, organic food and superfood, to transform lives. I have witnessed nothing short of miracles these past five years as I have been supporting women to uplevel their health. 

My work now is to help women learn about nutrition as an extension of their self-love practice and ultimately nourish themselves in unprecedented ways so they can truly live the life they were born to live, with lots of energy and radiance, well rested and with bright shining hair and skin!

A couple of months ago I sent out an email to my list about a special Women’s Wellness program that I was co-hosting. One of my favorite people in the world responded saying she was ready to uplevel her health and was going to bring her husband Jimi along for the ride for the 30 Day experience. Debra had been feeling achy in her joints, over all lethargy, had sinus issues causing headaches from time to time, and confided in me that 2020 had gotten to her! Used to traveling around the world and teaching, she was now tethered to being on Zoom a great deal and felt she was experiencing the effects of getting older. Jimi was having regular afternoon siestas and was just wanting to feel healthier.

Two months later Debra and Jimi are experiencing the effects of this wonderful form of self love– food! She now feels energetic, her sinuses are completely clear (which she had suffered for the last few years) her skin and hair are so much softer and radiant and no more joint pains at all!   Both Jimi and Debra lost some pounds, but that was just a bonus and not the reason why they did this. No more afternoon siestas for Jimi! He now has heaps of energy and feels fantastic. 

When I first met Debra at the World Birth Summit in Damanhur, Italy in 2010, the “Energizer Bunny” came to mind (a bunny that just kept going and going with an endless battery!) as I watched her present on stage, share stories and shine her radiant light with such ebullience and stamina. I got to know this magical woman over the period of ten days and her energy and passion was remarkable to me. So the fact that I could help her with her wellness, knowing it would affect her incredible work in the world and be more of who she is here to be has been deeply fulfilling.

What’s your vision for your health in 2021?

Is there something going on that you know you must address, as Debra did?

Is this your wake up call?

Debra has decided to do another 30 Day Transformation in January and we are excited to invite you to learn more about what’s involved as you design your pleasurable 2021. 

Join us December 16th at 1pm PT | 4pm ET to an intimate Zoom with Debra and I, where we will share more about our journeys and how this nutrition may support you. Here’s the link. We look forward to midwifing you along the path of transforming your health.

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Dawn has supported women for over two decades in the birth world and beyond to empower their own inner authority in order to create a sacred birth and life. Stephanie helps women detox, cleanse and transform within the full spectrum of being. Learn more about her work at