Amanda shares her Birth story and her Ecstatic Childbirth

mat6Itzel (moon goddess, she of the rainbow) Rhea (flowing) The day before my due date, I woke up at 330 a.m.

I was having trouble sleeping, I wrote two letters that the addresses would never see, but they weren’t for them, for even if they were delivered they would fall on deaf ears. It was about getting those feelings out and letting them go. I also wrote a third with my intentions. I then smudged them with sage and cleansed myself as well. Then I burned the letters. That quieted my mind and I was able to get some sleep. My little Marley dear woke up at 7. I had already been up on the toilet for a little and knew the baby was coming. Marley and I had some cereal, then went for a walk.


I felt magical. I noticed a little bunch of honeysuckles four little flowers, honeysuckles have always had a special place in my heart I picked them as a kid in the bush behind my grandmothers house. This little bunch was the only on the whole bush, I noticed another quite large bush totally without flowers as well. As I walked and felt the contractions I became excited today was definitely going to be the day. Karin dropped of the hoses and commented on how beautiful I looked, being naked and relaxed most of the day. I then had urge to fill up the pool, so I did and me and Marley got in adding my lavender and rose essential oil to the pool.

Erin dropped by originally just to drop off some stuff on her way out of town, but I knew this baby was coming soon and I asked her to stay. She heated up some water on the stove the water and fixed the lighting situation hanging up new multi colored lights in the tent. I then asked her to call Karin. We got Marley out of the water because she was jumping on me, I was in my own little world and each jump felt like a shock. Karin got there, and just like KIS’s birth she brought me to where I needed to be. I refocused myself, sat cross legged in the pool hands in prayer pose and chanted ong namo gru dev namo 3 times calling on my higher self. I then got back to it, listing to Karin I let my body and the baby do what it had to do. The feeling was liberating and ecstatic as I opened up n the baby came out. I then turned around sat down and held my new little girl. Called out to Erin Spurlock and Karin Brooks Pugh that I loved them and relaxed and breathed. So grateful for everything working out in a magical way, my goal of a new spiritual high was reached. #yogistateofmind