Welcome to another episode of the Orgasmic Birth podcast, where we dive into the beautiful and transformative experience of childbirth. Today, Guest Sabreena Colon shares her empowering story of preparing for a natural birth. At the same time, she talks about connecting with herself, trusting her body and baby, and finding comfort in knowledge. Sabreena invites us to hear about her experience giving birth, her various stages of labor, and how she felt supported by her family and midwife, ultimately experiencing a sense of bliss during contractions. Sabreena’s orgasmic birth was pure magic, and she is inspired to encourage other moms-to-be to trust themselves and their bodies. Tune in, and let’s break down the barriers to pleasure in childbirth and parenting together!

In this episode:

  • Sabreena researched extensively during her first pregnancy, connecting with other women’s stories and videos to trust herself, her body, and her baby.
  • Her experience of having an orgasmic birth which was pure magic full of pleasure. 
  • The intensity of contractions as blissful and pleasurable. 
  • She emphasizes being intentional with how you want to feel during your birthing journey, alongside creating an environment that supports you with all necessary resources.
  • Sabreena talks about involving her two-year-old son in the birth process, helping him feel comfortable and empowered.


Key Takeaways:

  • Focused on self-connection, support, and love. 
  • Love and trust in ourselves and our bodies are very important during birth. 
  • Therapy helps prepare for birth and focuses on self-connection, support, and love.
  • Involving children in birth can empower them and allow them to witness a beautiful, healthy, natural birth.

Tweetable Quotes:

“I really wanted to just feel surrounded by love. I wanted to feel unconditionally loved and unconditionally supported. Nothing else about the birth matters. If I can feel those things, it’ll be magic.” – Sabreena Colon

“I think it’s important to be intentional with how you want to feel. The environment that you wanna create and the support that you want.” – Sabreena Colon

“Connecting with all of the women out there just through their birth stories and videos really made me realize, first and foremost, I have to connect with myself, trust myself, my body, and my baby because that’s what carried a lot of women through was just the trust and the connection with themselves.” – Sabreena Colon

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