Are you ready to prioritize your happiness and pleasure? In this episode, Debra shares the acronym P.L.E.A.S.U.R.E.S. and how these steps can deepen your connection to your body and sexuality. After birth, it is common for women to feel less sexy and desirable to themselves and others. Our birth story dramatically impacts how we think about ourselves, our self-esteem, our bodies, and our sexuality, so it becomes necessary to unpack and reflect on it. From there, we can take action, understand where we need healing, and embrace the new, sexy you!

In this episode:

  • Have a moment to pause, breathe, and turn your frown upside down to invite the feel-good hormones.
  • Debra discusses her book, The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Baby, tackling how to navigate through relationships and sexuality.
  • Talking about sex and pleasure with friends can help to build support networks.
  • People feel less sexy after having a baby, which can impact their relationships and parenting.
  • Many factors can contribute to this decrease in sexual desire, including a lack of education about healthy sexuality.
  • To find balance in parenting, think about what words describe how you feel about being a parent.
  • Daily rituals can help reduce stress and create happiness. One example is brushing your hair for an extra minute.

Key Takeaways:

  • Always listen to your body and prioritize your safety and comfort
  • Birth shouldn’t strip away your dignity and sense of self
  • Don’t let anyone take your peace and pleasure away
  • Parenting can be difficult, but there are resources available to help
  • There is a lot to unpack when reflecting on your birth story
  • Pregnancy is a time when healing is needed
  • Talking about sexual abuse during pregnancy can be helpful
  • Look in the mirror and see your beauty and appreciate your new body
  • Write down what gives you pleasure
All birthing bodies take time to heal after birth. And everyone heals and is ready for intimacy and sex at different times and in different waves. So always listen to your body, prioritize your safety and comfort.” – Debra Pascali Bonaro
“Don’t let those old beliefs or lack of knowledge take your pleasure away… Don’t let anyone take your peace and pleasure away.” – Debra Pascali Bonaro

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