In this episode, Debra shares how expecting parents can positively prepare for an orgasmic birth. From researching birth options, to expressing feelings and wishes, to being a part of the collaborative decision making, Debra helps listeners explore how to create customized birth preferences. She discusses ways to make labor enjoyable, and pleasurable by using movement, creating a special birth ambiance and feeling safe, supported and cared for. With valuable tips on communication, pain management, and making cesarean births positive, this episode is a must-listen for soon-to-be parents.

In this episode:

  • Good communication with the care team is key to having a positive birth experience
  • Recognizing the baby’s own path and being prepared for a fluid process is essential to achieving an orgasmic birth
  • Research and understand the different options available for the place of birth and the caregivers, including physicians, midwives, and doulas
  • Write a mission statement about the core beliefs and values of the birthing experience and stay positive when stating preferences in the birth plan

Key Takeaways:

  • Creating and communicating birth preferences, or birth desires, is an essential part of preparing for a safe, gentle, and pleasurable birth.
  • It’s important to put time into understanding and researching your options for childbirth, to craft your desires and discuss them with your care team
  • Understanding birth options is essential to have choices during childbirth, and communication with caregivers is key to ensuring a positive birth experience
  • Knowing the difference between physicians, midwives, and doulas is vital in choosing a caregiver that aligns with your birth preferences, and open communication with them is crucial



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