In this episode, we welcome Piper Lovemore to discuss the transformative power of childbirth. As a woman of color, she had to navigate a broken system that, inherently, treated her differently. Piper has moved from pain to power with purpose. From a troublesome history of racism in childbirth, to ensuring she and her family have the most vested interest in their health.  Piper shares why and how she created the births she desired and a family full of connection, communication and love.  Piper has been birthing her own children at home using empowered and intuitive free birth for the past six years. She has observed that each child brings a seed of wisdom that helps guide their journey into adulthood.

Piper Lovemore is an original Orgasmic Birth alum. Since birthing her first child in our documentary, she has gone on to welcome 6 more children, at home, via empowered, sovereign, and intuitive free births. Inspired by the concept of birth as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation, she has pursued a passion-driven career in the birth arts and supported hundreds of families as a birth educator, doula, and midwife.

In this episode:

  • Piper Lovemore shares how each childbirth requires a type of mother need, teaching us different lessons about ourselves and the process of birthing.
  • The journey into motherhood is transformative for Piper, helping her grow in faith and trust in her body and abilities.
  • Piper shares her transformative power as a midwife, doula and educator and how she empowers others.
  • The experience of transmuting pain from a troublesome history into power is empowering.
  • Postpartum is a great opportunity to breathe life into the conversation and access healing.
  • Decide to center both your and your partner’s truth together and uplift your beliefs.
  • Postpartum couples are more likely to encounter adjacent issues, such as hunger and fatigue.
  • Keeping an open line of communication and checking in on each other are important ways to show care and support.

Key Takeaways:

  • Giving birth can be the most transformative and empowering aspect of life
  • Birthing should not be full of disempowerment and shame
  • Having a partner who is present and supportive is important
  • Do not assume to know – communicate openly with your partner
  • Self-care is more than bubble baths and candles – it can be simple and non-luxurious
  • Orgasmic Birth is definitely a gateway drug
  • Establish a channel of communication allows for authenticity and presence
Black women were subject to a very troublesome history which helped me transmute pain into the type of  power that would  see me through my process .  I felt empowered by the notion that despite having lived in squalid conditions and the open disregard for the well-being of the mother and the baby, my ancestors were able to care for themselves and one another effectively enough for me to be here right now. This  told me that 1) birth works and 2) that I  and my family have the most vested interest in my own health and my child. .” – Piper Lovemore 
“Birth as a celebration and ceremony. We have continued to embrace  our births in our family as a ceremony and celebration and very low on material trappings,  although that is often what we are fed is the appropriate way to prepare.   I  wanted to reach in and share some of my joy  and lend that  space to those experiencing stress who are not seeing birth positively reflected around them. Orgasmic Birth is definitely a gateway drug!.” Piper Lovemore

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