Ep. 67 - Why Birth Can Unleash Your Greatest Sexual Potential with Londin Angel Winters

Dive into the world of post-childbirth intimacy with our guest Londin Angel Winters. Drawing from her experience of giving birth to her daughter Ava at 48, she shares her story of how surrendering to the process opened her up to a new level of orgasmic pleasure and connection with her partner. Learn how couples can stay connected amidst newborn challenges through synchronized breathing, deep understanding, and the magic of sexual yoga. For those seeking more, London offers insights from her books and courses.

A must-listen for anyone navigating relationships after welcoming a baby!

Londin Angel Winters is an author, teacher, and thought leader in the conversation of sacred intimacy. Her passion is helping others reclaim pleasure, thrive in sacred relationships, and love like they’ve never been hurt. She and her life partner, Justin Patrick Pierce, are the authors of Playing With Fire: The Spiritual Path of Intimate Relationship and The Awakened Woman’s Guide to Everlasting Love, owner’s manuals for attracting love, creating passion, and sustaining sacred relationships. Together, they lead transformative, high-end retreats that immerse attendees in their signature training, Yoga of Intimacy.


In this episode:

  • Londin’s synchronistic moment of birthing her book and finding out about her pregnancy
  • Londin had a healthy pregnancy at 48 years old and chose to have her baby at home
  • Childbirth emerges as a deeply transformative personal growth experience for her
  • Her birth experience was a total mirror miracle that accelerated her sexual awakening and bonded her deeper
  • London’s story underscores a partner’s pivotal role during the emotional intensity of labor
  • Childbirth experience offers her profound insights into the nature of orgasm and the spiritual aspect of sexuality
  • She sees birth as a transformative portal, deepening connections and inviting exploration into sexual awakening
  • The newborn’s raw emotions demonstrated the true essence of uninhibited expression

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Key Takeaways:

  • Sacred sexuality and sexual yoga are about what you do with your body, not what you think
  • Sex as a living prayer and pleasure as a way to create with divine source energy
  • Trust in life and the power of co-creation
  • Learn to breathe together with your partner and baby for the birth
  • Be honest with your partner, and don’t force yourself to have sex before you’re ready
  • Involve your partner as a dad, not just a Mr. Mom, to bond them with the baby
  • Birth is a portal to open up to new ways of orgasm
  • Learn from newborns how to unleash without apology or rationalization

Tweetable Quotes:

“I would recommend new moms to really include their husbands in the process. Communicate with him, tell him what you need, and pay attention to him too. I did that, and it really helped us stay close together.” – Londin Angel Winters

“We did labor together, we got pregnant together, we did pregnancy together. And then in labor, it was as hard for him as it was for me because he was there for every single breath and his breath through my breath.” – Londin Angel Winters

“You don’t have to be happy, horny, and grateful all the time. You just want to be expressed. That’s what my birth looked like. It was a total mess, and I loved it.” – Londin Angel Winters

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