Ep. 68 - Cut Open, Wounds Healed with Taylor O'Bryan

Listen to a story that redefines birth, resilience and the power of human connections!


Today, Taylor O’Bryan unfolds a story that challenges conventions, delving into relationships, unforeseen turns, and the inherent potency of birth. Taylor’s sister emerges as an indispensable pillar of support, while her own rituals provide solace amid the unpredictable. Her journey emanates empowerment, revealing the resilience of birth demands and highlighting the vulnerability, strength, connection, and birth’s profound transformation.


Taylor O’Bryan is a mother, amateur home chef, travel enthusiast, and a newly minted postpartum doula based on the border of Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Following her experiences as a foster parent and her own postpartum journey, she founded The Ginger Goose, an antepartum and postpartum doula service to provide personalized care and support to families during their transition. In her free time, Taylor enjoys cooking, visiting farmer’s markets, exploring local towns, and spending time with her family.


In this episode:

  • Taylor O’Bryan reveals her journey from loss to pregnancy, highlighting resilience in the face of adversity
  • Her midwife sister becomes her rock, showcasing the strength of sisterhood in times of need
  • Taylor’s story reflects transformation through compassionate connection, reshaping her path to pregnancy and motherhood
  • Her journey reveals unexpected beauty in the face of labor challenges and a C-section birth
  • Her story emphasizes childbirth’s transformative nature, urging embracing preferences, unforeseen moments, and the growth that follows
  • She highlights the potential for transformation within the birthing experience
  • Taylor founded the Ginger Goose to provide personalized care and support to families during life transition

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Key Takeaways:

  • Embracing unexpected twists can lead to powerful transformations, reshaping the narrative of birth experiences
  • Personal rituals like scents and music offer comfort and familiarity, providing resilience during challenging birthing moments
  • Birth experiences, whether natural or cesarean, can be transformative
  • Supportive birthing teams, including doulas and midwives, play a vital role in positive outcomes, providing guidance, emotional backing, and advocacy
  • Nonverbal connections show how intuitive understanding can provide unparalleled comfort


Tweetable Quotes:

“Whether if your birth is a belly birth, or a vaginal birth, even if you’re using a surrogate or adoption, there is something about birth and family creation that is transformative and uniquely feminine.” – Taylor O’Bryan

“And my body did this. My body that I was living with, thinking that could only have death in it, had life, a transformative life.” – Taylor O’Bryan


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