Ep. 70 - The Role of Sexual Empowerment in Women’s Empowerment with Dr. Danielle Harel

Childbirth is not just a physical act; it’s the ultimate confluence of sensuality, power, and transformation! Join Dr. Danielle Harel as she redefines the concept of the intersection of sexuality and childbirth. Emphasizing the transformative power of breath and mindful movement, she reveals how the pelvic floor is the nexus of empowerment. Challenging societal norms, Dr. Harel paints birth as an orgasmic, sensual experience. Tune in, reconnect with your body, and explore the potent blend of sexuality in motherhood. Don’t miss this enlightening journey!

Dr. Danielle Harel is the co-creator of the Somatica Method and the co-founder of the Somatica Institute. She has a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality (DHS), a graduate degree in Clinical Social Work (MSW), and a Bachelors (BA) degree in Psychology and Educational Counseling. As a somatic sexologist, professor, and author, Danielle has devoted the last 20 years to resolving her client’s sexual challenges, training sex & relationship coaches, and empowering people.

In this episode:

  • Introduction of Dr. Danielle Harel, co-creator of the Somatica Method, who has done extensive research on orgasmic birth, discussing the role of sexual empowerment in women’s empowerment
  • Danielle’s personal journey of her not-so-empowered birthing experiences and her realization about the lack of embodiment in traditional birth education
  • Her research reveals two main groups of people regarding orgasmic birth: those who proactively use sexuality during childbirth for empowerment and connection and those who unexpectedly experience orgasms during childbirth
  • Dr. Harel introduces a practice focusing on deep inhalation, extending breath awareness down to the pelvic floor, with this, individuals can cultivate heightened sensations and an intensified connection with their sexual energy
  • Through her training sessions, she assists individuals in reconnecting with their bodies, advocating for people to actively acknowledge and reclaim different parts of their bodies
  • As individuals become more sexually empowered, they often experience a renewed sense of aliveness
  • Addressing the societal dichotomy between motherhood and sexuality, Dr. Harel underscores that birth is an inherent part of the life cycle and is closely linked to sexuality
  • Dr. Danielle offers training for professionals to become sex coaches and a workshop called In Love to help people learn tools of relating and sexuality.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding and harnessing sexual energy can transform your life and your birth
  • Sexuality and orgasms can help the body relax, feel safe, and expand during childbirth
  • Sexual empowerment is about feeling alive and connected to our erotic energy
  • Taking deep breaths and squeezing the pelvic floor can help us become more sensitized to our bodies
  • Bringing awareness to the pelvic floor and breathing into it can help sexual empowerment
  • Holding hands on the belly and saying “this is mine” can be powerful
  • Feeling alive, joy, pleasure, and being able to say yes/no more clearly are benefits of connecting with erotic energy Integrating sexuality in birth can be challenging but beneficial

Tweetable Quotes:

“So when people embody and connect with the erotic energy, their accessibility to the turn ons is much higher. They feel more joy, they feel more pleasure walking day in and day out in the world. They are just more alive.” – Danielle Harel

“We’re not just like walking heads. There’s so much more of us than our brains, and living fully in our body is such a much more expended way of living.” – Danielle Harel

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