Ep. 76 - The Impact of Early Life on Love, Sex, Pleasure & Procreation with Nicole Moore

Discover the transformative power of pleasure in childbirth and parenting in this episode. Join host Debra Pascali Bonaro as she engages in a candid and enlightening conversation with Nicole Moore. Together, they explore how early life experiences can shape our perspectives on love, intimacy, and procreation, emphasizing that it’s never too late to heal and rewrite our narratives. Nicole’s journey, from embracing birth as a beautiful bounty full experience to her profound work with the Birth Into Being Method, illustrates how cultivating pleasure can pave the way for an empowered pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience, fostering a beautiful feedback loop with our children. Tune in now to gain insights on understanding your own imprints and using this understanding to access  the courage to assert yourself in this pivotal phase of life with Nicole Moore.

Nicole Moore is a Mother, gardener, performance artist, poet, and an outspoken, multi-passionate birth nerd. She has lived on an off-grid intentional community in the forest, by the sea, for the last 20 years, raising her kids and cultivating a deep trust in birth & life. Her mission is to help women and families know what is possible in birth, why it matters, and to help them access a blissful experience for themselves. (Along with all the associated gifts and side effects…) Nicole knows in her bones that birth can be beautiful because she is one of the ‘lucky’ ones who had incredible, undisturbed birth experiences. She draws on these memories or imprints every day of her Mothering life. 

Nicole’s lived experience of birth as beautiful, bountiful, and full of potential as a doorway to healing – along with her 15 years of work with birth imprints (via the Birth Into Being Method) confirms her beliefs in birth as a tool of conscious evolution.

In This Episode:

  • Nicole’s mission – helping women and families access a blissful experience for themselves
  • Nicole draws on her own undisturbed birth experiences to help others heal and create new imprints
  • Birth Into Being Method – a set of processes and exercises to help understand yourself and clear inhibiting patterns from the past
  • For pregnant women, Birth Into Being Method can help create an environment for birth with privacy and safety
  • It also prepares you for motherhood by teaching how to hold boundaries when needed
  • Acknowledge what is there in your past that needs to be healed, looked at, or strengthened
  • Pleasurable birth is an opportunity to optimize a baby’s neurological capacity for pleasure through familiarisation with oxytocin. Literally creating the receptors in the baby’s brain.
  • Nicole created an online course called Birth Into Being with Ease and Grace; she also has another online course called Rewrite Your Story

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Key Takeaways:

  • Birth is a tool for conscious evolution
  • Learn to recognize old imprints and choose differently
  • Make a change if your environment doesn’t make you feel safe or comfortable
  • We have the power to assert ourselves with family and hold boundaries around the care received
  • Postpartum bliss is possible by reclaiming the need to prioritize yourself
  • Birth is a doorway to healing, opening up the capacity for gifts for you and your family

Key Quotes:

“Birth is a doorway to healing, and it opens up the capacity for lots of gifts for you and your family.” – Nicole Moore

“When a woman feels safe and trusting in her body, it has a really big impact on her birth outcomes.” – Nicole Moore

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/birthintobeing

Website: https://birthintobeing.com 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BirthIntoBeing

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