Ep. 78 - What Orgasmic Birth Can Teach Us About Having a Great Sex Life

Don’t miss this episode if you’re ready to redefine pleasure in birth, parenting, and birthwork! We explore not only the techniques for achieving orgasmic births but also the often-overlooked aspects of postpartum sex and reclaiming one’s sexual life after childbirth. Our insightful guest navigates the political landscape surrounding the cultural tendency to sterilize and desexualize birth, shedding light on the empowering potential of intuitive, instinct-driven birthing experiences.

Suzannah Weiss is a writer, certified sex educator, sex/Love coach, and birth doula. Her writing on gender, sexuality, love, and social justice has been published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, New York Magazine, and more. And most recently, Suzannah attended our Orgasmic Birth Practitioner Training. Her book Subjectified: Becoming a Sexual Subject is available for pre-ordering on Amazon.

In This Episode:

  • Techniques for orgasmic birth and postpartum sex explored
  • Addressing the politics of sterilizing and desexualizing birth in our culture
  • The beauty of intuition and instinct in home births, shared by a gynecologist
  • Recommendation of the Orgasmic Birth Practitioners program for doulas, midwives, nurses, and educators
  • The intersection of orgasmic birth and somatic sexology, emphasizing the overlap in practices
  • Expanding the definition of orgasm to include sensations beyond a sexual climax
  • Practical tips for preparing body, mind, and spirit for an orgasmic birth experience

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Key Takeaways:

  • Orgasmic birth is not solely about the climax but extends to various sensations and experiences during childbirth
  • Embracing pleasure in birth involves saying yes to the moment, being present, and surrendering to uncomfortable sensations
  • Cultivating a lifestyle that promotes relaxation, outdoor activities, and self-nurturing enhances the potential for orgasmic birth
  • Practices like breathwork, breast massages, and sexual exploration contribute to preparing for orgasmic birth
  • Connecting with the intuition and instinct of mothers in home births can lead to beautiful and empowering experiences
  • The Orgasmic Birth Practitioners program is recommended for birth professionals seeking a holistic approach

Key Quotes:

“Learning from a gynecologist that 80 percent of births can happen at home is eye-opening. It’s beautiful to see mothers trust their intuition and instincts when allowed the freedom to birth in their own way.” – Suzannah Weiss

“Orgasmic birth is not just an orgasm; it’s about expanding your definition of orgasmic sensations during birth.” – Suzannah Weiss

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Book: SUBJECTIFIED by Suzannah Weiss, CSE


Our world is changing.

As a birth practitioner, you see this every day.

We are experiencing a global shift away from the over-medicalization of birth.

And with that shift, the demand for highly-trained natural birth practitioners is growing rapidly.

Women are no longer accepting birth as a “condition that must be treated”.

They seek a more gentle, natural — and yes, orgasmic! — experience.

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