Ep. 82 - A Mother's View as a Doula: Ushering in the Next Generation with Lori Cosgrove

In what ways does providing unwavering, compassionate support can reshape the experiences of childbirth and parenting?


In this moving conversation, host Debra Pascali Bonaro explores the concept of community support during pregnancy and birth by interviewing Lori Cosgrove. Lori shares her poignant journey from trauma and healing to empowering the next generation. 


Lori Cosgrove worked in event production and studied to become a birth doula along with her daughter Veda. She later attended the birth of her daughter, Hannah, drawing on her doula training to provide support during labor and delivery. Her story speaks to the ripple effects birth experiences can have—both painful and profound—across generations of families.


In This Episode:

  • The special experience of a mother/daughter duo taking a doula training workshop together
  • How Lori used her doula skills to support her daughter Hannah during childbirth
  • Hannah’s relatively easy yet long labor, using positions and techniques learned in the doula workshop
  • Lori’s perspective as a mother, doula, and soon-to-be grandmother during her daughter’s birth
  • How serving as Hannah’s doula helped heal Lori’s feelings about her own traumatic birth experience
  • The importance of the right mindset, terminology, and managing fears during pregnancy and birth
  • How community support postpartum made a big difference in Hannah’s transition to motherhood
  • Why Lori believes everyone would benefit from doula training for birth, death, divorce, and more
  • How voicing needs and feelings is crucial to receiving good support from others

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Key Takeaways:

  • Mothers/daughters taking a doula training together can be a special bonding experience
  • A doula’s unconditional support helps create an empowering birth environment
  • Working through one’s birth trauma can come from supporting others in labor
  • Terminology and mindset have a significant impact on the birthing experience
  • Postpartum community support makes recovery and adjustment easier
  • Doula skills apply meaningfully to all major transitional life events
  • Communicating needs and emotions allows others to provide better care


Key Quotes:

“I honestly think everyone should be a certified birth and death doula. There’s a space for that supportive role, as our society can promote disconnection – through devices or modern isolation.” – Lori Cosgrove

“I feel like there’s a space for a doula in a divorce. I feel like there’s a space for a doula in a new relationship. I feel like there’s a space for a doula in a really busy home.” – Lori Cosgrove


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