Ep. 91 - 5 Pillars of Pleasure with Lovisa Dahl

“The orgasmic nature of a woman is our inherent nature; it really is working with your senses. Your body knows how to birth the baby.” —Lovisa Dahl 


An empowered birth lays bare a woman’s innate strength. Months of preparation have led her to know herself as deserving of comfort, respect, and full autonomy over her birthing journey. Exhausted yet buoyant, she cradles new life and in doing so, embraces her own capacity for miraculous creation.

This week’s episode is focused on the best practices for embracing the full potential of our feminine strength before and during childbirth. 

Lovisa Dahl is a birth mentor and Orgasmic Birth Practitioner dedicated to healing earth through birth by empowering women to embrace pleasure, sacred sexuality and ritual. With three home births of her own and studies in feminine embodiment, she mentors mothers through orgasmic living and guides them to their most empowered, positive and pleasurable birth experiences.

Listen in to discover key pillars for optimal birth preparation, practical tips for feeling connected and in control during labor, and the power of mindful surrender in making intense moments blissful. 


Episode Highlights:

01:47 Preparing for a Positive Birth Experience

08:16 The Key to Empowered Birth

14:48 How to Experience an Orgasmic Birth

20:31 Natural Birth Techniques 

28:24 Breathwork and Mindfulness for Conscious Birthing

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