Ep. 94 - It's Not Pain, It’s Power with Carina Devi: Part 1

“The only way out is through… There’s only one way for this to end, and it is by me saying yes, and pushing my baby out.” —Carina Devi

Birth is a profound and transformative experience that has the power to deeply impact a woman’s life. However, for too long, societal expectations have portrayed childbirth as something to simply endure, focusing on pain management rather than empowerment. Hence, it is crucial to reclaim birth as a natural and meaningful process through education and care. When supported to follow their inner wisdom, women experience birth as the profound act of creation it truly is.

This week’s episode features an empowering birth story from Carina Devi. When Carina became pregnant, she prepared carefully for a peaceful experience. Raw, primal birth cries and pleasure at her son’s delivery stay with her as a defining life experience.

Tune in as Debra and Carina talk about preparing mindfully for birth, trusting one’s ability to cope with intensity, and finding empowerment even when challenging moments arise during labor.  


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Episode Highlights:

02:31 The Impact of a Mother’s Birth Experience on Her Child’s Development. 

05:28 The Power of Imprinting on the Experience

11:50 Labor Progressions and Challenges

16:44 Controlling Contractions 

19:26 Labor Sensations and Breathing Techniques

24:52 Childbirth Bliss and Empowerment

30:14 Embracing the Experience Despite Fear and Discomfort

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Connect with Carina:

Carina Devi is a childbirth educator, former doula, herbalist, writer, and mother to two. She co-founded the Mindful Mamas app supporting mothers’ mental health and teaches trauma-informed mindfulness at Eastern Oregon University. Her biggest passion is democratizing empowered birth education.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matriarchmedicine.co/


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