Ep. 95 - It's Not Pain, It’s Power with Carina Devi Part 2

“The moment I said this actually hurts, it felt incorrect. It felt like ‘pain’ was too shallow of a word. And then I realized what I’m feeling is power.” —Carina Devi


When pregnant with her second baby, Carina Devi embraced the joy of pregnancy rather than intensive preparation. Her labor brought intense yet transformative sensations.


In part two of “It’s Not Pain, It’s Power”, Carina discusses how the wisdom and lessons from her orgasmic first birth experience empowered and strengthened her through subsequent challenges like divorce and single motherhood.


Join the conversation as Carina talks about navigating postdate pregnancy and feelings of frustration with restrictions from her midwife, as well as powerful lessons on preparing mentally for birth while trusting your body’s innate wisdom and design for empowered childbearing.


Episode Highlights:

02:22 Birth Wisdom and Empowerment 

10:03 Finding Solace During Contractions

15:30 Labor Techniques 

21:46 Reframing Pain as Power  

27:23 Navigating the Pushing Stage

32:34 The Depth of a Woman’s Strength

36:04 Postpartum Emotions and Challenges

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Connect with Carina:

Carina Devi is a childbirth educator, former doula, herbalist, writer, and mother to two. She co-founded the Mindful Mamas app supporting mothers’ mental health and teaches trauma-informed mindfulness at Eastern Oregon University. Her biggest passion is democratizing empowered birth education.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matriarchmedicine.co/

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