Orgasmic Birth Podcast: Pleasure in pregnancy, birth and parenting. I believe pleasure is our birthright – from our sexuality, birth, parenting and beyond, we can find pleasure when we create space for joy and intimacy in our lives. Join me to have deep conversations about breaking the taboos of Sexuality + Motherhood/Parenthood.

Listen to leading experts in sexuality, healing and childbirth as well as stories from new parents, doulas, doctors, midwives and nurses. We will discuss how to positively prepare for childbirth and parenting by expanding love and intimacy in your life.

Listen in as Marrit Vos discusses her experience as an intimate and wild birth that was perfect for her and how it can happen to women out there too.

Marrit is a passionate doula for birth and postpartum as well as a dedicated placenta specialist. She´s a mother of two wild daughters, who are like a compass in her life. She is aiming to build a community that is supportive to all parents birthing and raising their kids from their hearts and intuition. Nature is automatically the starting point because she wishes her daughters -and all children- so much to be outside, feel the elements, and play. She is passionate about authentic and honest parenthood, with all its challenges, beauty, and transformative powers that are full of healing potential for the individual and the whole. To her, parenthood is a very true and clear indicator of what she wishes to bring forward into the world.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • There are barriers to pleasure in childbirth and parenting that can be healed through open communication and education.
  • Marrit encourages listeners to seek out information and support from others as this will help to create a more pleasurable experience.
  • Marrit discusses her experience with her positive home birth despite some stress and doubts.
  • Orgasmic birth can happen to anyone who experiences pleasure during labor and birth.
  • More people should watch realistic birth videos instead of movies that portray birth as a painful experience.
  • Marrit shares her insights on how to create a birth plan that is tailored to your needs and preferences, as well as how to find a caregiver who will support you in achieving a gentle and peaceful birth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace the wild in childbirth
  • Having control and connection with your partner during labor is crucial
  • Giving birth is a beautiful experience that should be celebrated
  • Create an intimate environment during labor and childbirth
  • Explore your sexuality and intimacy to have the best possible experience
“I felt pregnancy was quite a roller coaster. I really wanted to birth from feeling well and looking forward to it and letting go… I really try to find what feels good to me.” – Marrit Vos
“Make your birth plan, how you want to give birth… See if you have the choice of picking out your caregiver, really pick the one that fits you.” – Marrit Vos

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