5 Ways to Love Your
New Post Baby Bod’

Yes, I said LOVE your new post baby bod’!

I love seeing how Ashley Graham has been showing it all, her post birth bumps, pumping breast milk while multitasking, and celebrating her body that gave birth to her beautiful baby. She is giving us a glimpse into what often is hidden behind closed doors or photoshopped away With celebs supported by personal trainers and cooks, or those who opt for post baby cosmetic surgery to get out on the red carpet, it’s no wonder that the rest of us feel like we’re not keeping up

You have become a mother/parent. Life has changed, you have changed, and so has your body. The sooner you learn to love the new you, the many benefits you, your partner your baby will see and feel.

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Here are 5 ways to love, and love on, your new post baby body…


Massage yourself

Start with getting to know and feel your new body. Begin with a nice oil – I personally love organic coconut oil and you can mix your favorite essential oil in if you like as well (be sure to use safe oils for breastfeedingessential oils should not be applied directly to the chest or breasts while nursing). Take time to rub it all over your body, not just to moisturize your skin, but to feel and appreciate every part. Add an affirmation to celebrate the power of your body to grow, birth and heal from bringing life into the world. “My body is beautiful and powerful”, or whatever words feel good to you.


Write a Letter to Your Body

When was the last time you wrote a letter to your body? It’s time to tell your body how you feel about it. After your massage, write or dictate a letter to your body. Describe what you see, how you feel and add any affirmations you felt during your massage.


Ask your partner to write a letter or tell you how they feel about your body

Now it’s time to engage your partner. Don’t share your letter yet, instead ask them to write a letter to you about your body. What do they see, feel? What they write may surprise you! 


Look in the mirror and say “I love you”

Are you ready to fully love yourself? Even if you have to fake it till you make it, (there is one time faking it is not ok – never fake an orgasm!). The act of looking at your body and saying I love you – is very powerful. If you’re more comfortable starting with your clothes on, do that until you can work up to being naked. This simple, positive affirmation will begin to ripple into more love for yourself overall, and will provide you with more love to give to others too!


Do a sexy photo shoot alone or with your partner - celebrating the new you!

After the first 4 steps, you (with or without your partner) are ready to set aside some time for a sexy photo shoot. Pick a sexy outfit or maybe be naked. Make sure your baby is well fed and has the best chance of sleeping for an hour or more. This is your time –  put on sexy music, light a candle, release some of your favorite scents and let your sexy self shine and move. So many of the women I have worked with have been so surprised how sexy and beautiful they feel when they feel safe, comfortable and honored. Get ready for some photo treasures! 

If you would like to birth these forward to inspire others to love their body, we are seeking images of all birthing bodies, all shapes, colors and sizes to share with your community.

If you wish to remain anonymous, we are happy to use a false name to protect your privacy, but we encourage you to consider stepping into the vulnerability you may feel so that you can experience the sense of empowerment that comes with sharing your truth.

There is great power in sharing your unique story. The process of writing or talking it out may even help you to see your experience in a whole new way so you celebrate it more fully!

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