Join host Debra Pascali-Bonaro in breaking down barriers and healing shame surrounding sexuality and childbirth. In this episode, she dispels myths around pain during childbirth and shares ways to bring comfort and pleasure to the experience. The conversation encourages individuals to have open conversations with their healthcare providers about their desires for intimacy and pleasure during labor, as well as the importance of having a supportive team.

In this episode:

  • Four myths about orgasmic birth debunked 
  • Tips for managing pain through positive preparation, support, and comfort measures 
  • How freedom of movement and leaning forward can enhance pleasure and oxytocin production
  • How previous trauma may impact childbirth, and how a supportive team can help prevent further trauma 
  • It’s possible to bring oxytocin and love into the birthing experience, even with interventions
  • The importance of having deep conversations with providers about desires for orgasmic birth

Key Takeaways:

  • Taboo, shame and lack of sexual education affect intimacy in childbirth 
  • Self-pleasuring can provide pain relief
  • Birth can be a healing opportunity
  • Shame around pleasure in childbirth needs to be busted, as all sexual organs are involved in the process
  • Self-stimulation, partner touch, and loving words can contribute to an orgasmic birth experience


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