There is something so special being with Angelika, my host at Elysia Red Tent when we facilitate Doula circles.

We are sisters on a journey

Singing now as one

Remembering the ancient ones

The women and the wisdom

We are sisters on a journey

Shining like the sun

Shining through the darkest night

The healing has begun begun

The healing has begun

We are sisters on a journey, watching life unfold!

Shining warmth of heart and hands:

The knowledge of the old the old—the knowledge of the old.

Each time I walk into the room on the first day I see the open eyes wondering what they will learn and what is in store for them.

Inside I can smile, as little do they know that these three days will be a transformative journey to connect to themselves, their stories, their ancestors and to eachother in ways they couldn’t have ever imagined.

First we create a safe space and circle.

The doulas feel comfortable sharing their personal stories and being vulnerable knowing that those listening honor the sacredness and confidentiality of each and every person. 

We learn to listen without judgment during our time together, to be fully present, and to honor every person and their cultural perspectives, beliefs and values.

Before long the smiles, the tears, the pain, the healing and the joy all come out.

There is magic in creating space for people to be together for three days and invited to connect, to listen, to honor and respect each other unconditionally,

These are the doula skills I treasure or as I call them “be-la” skills – our gift of just being.  

Each group I teach is unique – no matter where I am in the world we go beyond ourselves and form connections that transform us as well as what we think of community.

Pictures can’t begin to capture these deep emotions but I still have to share them with you – I hope you can see a little sparkle of oxytocin in everyone’s eyes!

I love being in the doula circles I feel blessed and it is the gift that keeps on giving as I wake every morning to literally hundreds of messages from my doula circles all over the world.

I smile as watch them continue to connect, sometimes about a birth they were at during the night, or maybe posting for support while they are at birth needing someone to grab their Birth Partner Book and help with ideas for positions.

Sometimes it’s to share a loss of a friend or family member, a baby, sometimes loss of a relationship and or a new one beginning. Their joys and challenges are held in the circle that is open but always connected wherever we are as we reach out to offer 💗 love.

What does being in a doula circle mean to you?

What have you come away with that was unexpected?

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Are you wondering if being a doula is the right path for you?

If you are ready to become a doula – join me!

I teach doula trainings, workshops and speak all over the world.
I hope we’ll get a chance to connect in person soon – or reconnect.