Creating the Birth I long for

When I learned that I was pregnant to my second child the first thing that came to mind was “How am I going to give birth this time?”. My first birth although being quick and healthy was still a hospital birth and I felt very far from good during the whole process.

Opening to the Intensity of Birth – a birth story

by Sam Sundara My birth experience taught me about being open emotionally and how holding onto fear actually creates pain. I remember a moment through transitioning where I actually completely opened to those overwhelming sensations & feelings, and it was … Continued

48 Hour Home Birth Story

By @bornathome5 This is the story of my fifth homebirth. With four successful homebirths under my belt and a strong belief in the birth process and my body’s ability, my partner and I decided to try for an unassisted birth. … Continued

Healthy Baby Naturally at 42 Weeks

by Wholistic_unity During the time leading up to my daughters first birthday, all I could think about is the day she was born and how I’ll never be the same again. Being pregnant and going through labor and birth has … Continued

Mama saws wood and labor begins

by shared by Brittney of Fractal Birth On the morning of November 29th, I woke up before my husband and daughter, which was unusual for me as I had been sleeping in so much the whole pregnancy. This was the exact … Continued

Third Baby Homebirth

I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. My first 2 I had delivered in a hospital and my third was delivered [as a homebirth] in my living room.  by Nichole from Wisconsin My first labor was pretty quick. 6 … Continued
home birth story

Silas’s Birth Story

Enjoy this home birth story / natural delivery story submitted by Heather Iverson July 26, 2016 8pm surges start…I’m thinking it’s more prodromal labor that I had been having foe a few weeks off and on. So Kayden (my 5 year … Continued

Giving Birth During a Snow Storm

by Natalie Telyatnikov When I was just 1 day shy of 41 weeks gestation, my midwife called me, concerned. “There are a few things that make homebirths less safe,” she said, “and this is one of them.”  In this instance, my midwife … Continued

Breech Birth at 43 Weeks

Savitha Kopperla Breech Birth Of One Brave Mamma, and her Breech Birth Story at 43 weeks complete! Rewind: Feb 2015: I helped her birth her footling breech baby girl naturally. In that pregnancy, she got so fed up with the … Continued

Birth as Trust

Note from Debra: My dear friend, Jaqueline Eddaoudi has been on an amazing journey giving birth to five children at home with her 6th is on the way. Jaqueline and I met when she was my translator for a big … Continued