Lessons in Mindfulness: Choosing Pleasure

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Take 3 minutes to sit comfortably and consider which door you will choose when planning to birth with pleasure.

Feel your connection to the earth, the floor, your breathe. Now, take 3 deep breaths and begin to feel your body and mind relax. Keep breathing deeply, in thru your nose, out thru your mouth, releasing thoughts and tensions until you arrive in a relaxed, mindful place. In this place is where you can begin to choose where to give birth with the greatest ease and pleasure.

There are two doors before you. Choose which door you enter to give birth.

Beyond the first door, are bright lights, plain walls, machines beeping, staff running around. It is apparent that technology dominates the air and a silence echoes from the rooms as women lay in bed in silence- not moving and ashamed to make noise.  Many people take pain medication to make sure they can conform with what is expected of them.  

Take a minute to feel how your body feels in this environment.  What do you smell, see, hear and feel? How does your baby feel?

Now, take a minute to walk out of this room – continue breathing and bring yourself back to your breathe.

This time, choose the second door.  Here you enter a dim light room, art full of nature, birth and babies surround you, aromatherapy greets your sense of smell, sounds of gentle music and women in the throes of the intensity of life can be heard. These sounds are so similar to women in the passion of making love. There is a  gentleness around you, and all that move thru this sacred space do so with ease and reverence at the gateway of life. The ambiance, and environment invite you to move with your passion and love for your baby, your partner and connect to your body. You feel comfortable and pleasurable as you wiggle, dance and sing your baby into the world.

Breathe again and take a minute to feel how your body feels in this environment.  What do you smell, see, hear and feel? How does your baby feel?

Too many people enter door one, they have not mindfully thought about how the environment, people and place of birth and how it will impact their options to find pleasure.  

With the growing science on how our hormones of birth are the hormones of sexuality, being in an environment that does not allow your hormones to flow will create a more difficult and often less safe birth for you and your baby.  Yes, finding pleasure and ease in birth is about having your hormones flow optimally and where and with whom you invite to your special day can make a significant difference.  I hear all the time I can’t imagine pleasure in childbirth – I answer, of course not with all the images the media provides of birth as an emergency, with tales of pain and fear, and a sterile environment. On any regular day, I would not be able to find  pleasure, so why would you think you will find pleasure in birth in this environment?  

If we change the environment and attitude of birth – create peace and calm, release fears and face birth with courage to tap into our sexuality and expand into an attitude of joy – pleasure is quite possible!

I believe pleasure is our birth right -with some simple, mindful changes to our environment and support, more pleasure, power, and love will come.

Take 3 more breathes fully feeling what your body is telling you about your birth, your body, your baby.

As you bring your awareness back to the room take a minute to write down your thoughts.

  • What elements enhance your pleasure in life?
  • What elements of pleasure will you bring to birth?
  • Who would you want to witness and be a part of this sacred, special time?

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