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As my journey continues…deb

I arrived to Barcelona, Spain after 2 incredible weeks in Japan teaching and sharing about doulas – it was truly special and memorable – but I also fully ready for a holiday!

I am often asked how I created a life living my passion to improve care in birth, to travel and keep up the energy it takes to teach and speak around the world. One of my favorite quotes is “we birth the way we live”, I also believe we must live the message we share. So it is true that I work hard to live a life of pleasure and to find balance as to know pleasure is also to know pain. My life is both full of joy and yes full of challenges too. The past few years has brought me many moments of emotional loss and pain that I trust for me is another opportunity to learn, grow and stretch. I take daily walks, practice yoga and work each day to find balance and to honor all aspects of life. So with each experience as well as the joy I find in teaching and traveling – I know I also need to make time for complete relaxation, pleasure and time for rejuvenation. For mean this means to take a special holiday with my husband Jimi, my mother and my dear friends. This is the second time we have been able to plan ahead for almost 2 years and arrange a cruise together – I love water and sailing so it is the perfect time for me to re-charge.


20My husband, mother and Richard, and our friends Amy and John, Barbara and Matt, arrived from NJ and Tina and Vince from the UK. We rented a villa in the countryside of Barcelona and had 3 wonderful days together to adjust to the time change and celebrate our friendships and connection. It is wonderful to laugh, cook, and share our life updates with my dear friends. We visited Montserrat on my birthday– a bucket list visit for me to hear the chanting and songs in the incredible mountains. Friday arrived and Vince and Tina left us, as the rest of our group and new friends Julie and Rich joined us for a 7 days sail from Barcelona to Rome – along the French and Italian Riviera’s. Everyday, the sun shone on us… the sunrises, the sunsets, and the glistening water filled my soul while my friends and family filled my heart. One evening as we returned to the ship after a day visiting Cannes, we receive a card to come to a special reception with the Captain. We dressed and walked up onto the deck to a complete surprise. All our husbands surprised us and asked us all to marry them again! Yes, a group renewal of vows. It was magical, such a special moment to renew our commitment to our husbands together – all together – weaving our web of friendship and relationships into one. I had tears of joy, the sun shining and the love overflowing. It is a memory I will cherish forever. Later a man came to congratulate us and said to the men “do you realize you have made the rest of the men on the boat look bad?” – yes everyone could feel the special connection we all had to our partners and each other. Something I value as our relationships and good friends are truly life’s treasures.

We arrived to Rome and departed the boat with memories I will carry with me always. I am so grateful that we planned and made the time to take a break for our lives and to just be with each other, our partner and ourselves. I feel recharged and renewed not only in my vows, but ready for another full year ahead to navigate the challenges of life and find pleasure each day.

What do you do to recharge? How do you keep your love and connections alive? I would love to hear from you – connect with me on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter – let me know how you full your cup!

Enjoy my blog about visiting Japan – a bucket list trip for me!

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