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It was almost a year ago that I marched on Washington for the Women’s March. What a year it has been since that powerful and transformative day. Since then the #MeToo Campaign began – with women from around the world … Continued

Benefits of Homebirth

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As a doula and film-maker, I’ve had the honor of attending all types of births, in all different locations – hospital, homebirth, and birth center births. Each birth is unique, each mother/father/partner/family, each care provider, each location. While homebirth is … Continued

Show Me Your Cochrane!

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Turning a page for Maternity Care I am pleasantly surprised that we may be FINALLY  turning a page in the her-story of medicalized maternity care. While most fields of medicine base their practices on the latest and best science, maternity care … Continued

Kangaroo Mother Care

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by Mary Esther Malloy, MA Our Species’ Best Medicine for Parenting a Baby Following a Cesarean “Cesareans are good for many reasons,” says Nils Bergman, a South African physician and international promoter of Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC). “Yes, if medically … Continued

Evolving into Parents

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Parenthood. It’s a journey, an experience, and an evolution like no other. It changes the way you do, well, everything. From work, food, travel, fun, money, relationships and LIFE. There is an entire new person (or a few!) that needs … Continued

The First Doula: Wendy Freed

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  Interview taken May 28th 2003 Seattle, WA – Penny Simkin’s home Wendy Freed the first “doula” shares how she couldn’t just observe women in labor. Click To Tweet In 1973, Wendy Freed, an undergraduate student at UC Irving, spent … Continued

Tips for making birth safer

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“Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out. –Karl Augustus Menninger” YES. I really believe this – I believe that fear is mostly created by the unknown. I believe that by educating and empowering yourself, … Continued

Ina May on Fear & Pain in Childbirth

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Instead of crying, yelling or cursing when you stubbed your toe – what if you instead KISSED it?… Click To Tweet My dear friend, colleague, and inspirational wise-woman, Ina May Gaskin recently joined me in New Jersey at my home … Continued

7 weeks and 7 countries…

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As my journey continues… I arrived to Barcelona, Spain after 2 incredible weeks in Japan teaching and sharing about doulas – it was truly special and memorable – but I also fully ready for a holiday! I am often asked how I … Continued


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More than 2 years ago, my dream of travelling to Japan began when I met Kiyoe, an amazing nurse during a birth doula workshop I was teaching in NYC.  I had always been interested in Japanese culture, enjoyed the food, … Continued

Triumphant HBAC Birth Story

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by Samantha  I should perhaps preface this story with the birth story of my first son.   I was a Labor and Delivery nurse by trade, however my frustration with ‘the system’ led me to teaching.  I teach nursing students … Continued

World Breastfeeding Week 2016

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Guest Post by Megan Stark “What if every woman who wanted to breastfeed was supported in this choice, fully, by her family, peers, community, government, workplace, how different would our world be?” World Breastfeeding Week is coming to a close … Continued

An Orgasm a Day

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Enjoying and enhancing your sexuality is an important aspect of your overall health and well-being.  I have been following and learning from Kim Anami – an amazing sex and relationship coach, and was thrilled to meet Kim in person this … Continued

Fiji Midwifery Today

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June 2016 Conference  When I imagine travelling to Fiji, I envision the beautiful images that fill the internet – beaches, boats, scuba diving and snorkeling among coral reefs, colorful fish, manta rays and reef sharks, and the smiling faces of the … Continued

Women’s Rituals

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A documentary about three important passages of women : menstruation, childbirth and menopause Watch the trailer: Love this? Consider supporting the filmmaker and learn more about this awesome project! Learn more  

Orgasmic Birth Daddy

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I recently caught up with Arp Laszlo – a wonderful supportive partner and daddy who was featured in Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret. He has the famous line “For my next birth I would like a much bigger bathroom!” – … Continued

Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth

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Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth  can fill us many thoughts, fears, challenges and joys. I am honored to have been a part of the Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth Summit recently. Living a life that includes daily doses of pleasure has been … Continued

How One Childbirth Training Program Grew

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Julie Bonapace, founder of the Bonapace Childbirth Training Program, Pain to Power contributor, and author of the newly released book “Trusting Birth with the Bonapace Method. Keys to Loving your Birth Experience ” (Juniper Publishing) is on a mission: Making … Continued

6 Ways to Bond & Get Creative with Baby Prenatally

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As you prepare for childbirth you are probably thinking about how to best care for your baby in the womb and your best options for giving birth so your baby arrives in a safe and pleasurable way. Sometimes we are … Continued

Teaching Patient Experience with Organic Birth in Medical School

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Submitted by: Dr. Amali Lokugamage Sir William Osler’s (1849-1919) Canadian physician and one of the four founding professors of John Hopkins Hospital had a famous quote which resonates with most clinical educators, their learners and, intuitively, patients alike: ‘for the … Continued

Birth Memories: Are you Thriving in Childbirth & Motherhood?

Have you thought about what you want to take with you from your birth into the rest of your life? What birth story do you want to tell your children and grandchildren? Have you wondered how you can create Pleasurable … Continued

7 Insights from Women who Experienced Orgasmic Birth

I believe this year is a turning point in understanding the power, pleasure and ecstasy that is available in childbirth for both MotherBaby. Dr. Sarah Buckley has published her landmark report on the hormones of childbirth, the ways they are … Continued

Grow your Birth Business: The path to success for Midwives, Doulas & Educators

I want to share with you my adventure with B-School and how I went from directing the Orgasmic Birth Movie to creating an online childbirth class. My adventure with B-School began in 2012 when I started to hear the buzz … Continued

Dolphin Doula Brings Playful Peace

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Dolphins are another of nature’s treasures that provide me with an opportunity to connect with the magic of the seas. Dolphins intuitively know when women are pregnant and circle around them. I call them the doulas of the sea- they … Continued

Remembering Marsden Wagner, MD

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We were honored to have Marsden Wagner as an Orgasmic Birth expert and thought we’d share with you an excerpt from his transcript, mostly unpublished until now. Marsden began his career in public health as a neonatologist and epidemiologist, firstly … Continued

Childbirth Climax

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Childbirth Climax While in Malaysia this past week speaking about respectful care, I always love the opportunity to open up the topic of pleasure, ecstasy and Orgasmic Birth. It is too often a forgotten aspect of childbirth, or the one … Continued

Orgasmic Birth to screen May 2nd in Switzerland

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Orgasmic Birth to screen May 2nd in Switzerland Naît-sens Présidente : Sarah Duflon writes: Chers amis,  Je vous invite à la projection du fabuleux documentaire “Orgasmic Birth” sur la naissance, dont vous trouverez l’affiche en pièce jointe.    Cette projection est … Continued

Now Become an obirth Affiliate

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Now Become an obirth Affiliate Now it is easy to share the obirth videos and make money- just by sharing them on your website. This is a great opportunity to add content to your website while sharing the message of … Continued

Zero Separation MotherBaby

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Zero Separation MotherBaby As Orgasmic Birth’s Debra Pascali-Bonaro travels all over advocating human rights in childbirth we had some advocacy right in NJ, USA with Dr. Nils Bergman’s Skin-to-Skin, It’s What’s in . . . the Evidence, the Research and … Continued

Orgasmic Birth to screen in Germany

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Orgasmic Birth to screen in Germany              Orgasmic Birth will screen in Germany this June 2012 at a “Birth Day” celebration in Cologne: A Day of Action Around Birth Celebration features programs and lectures … Continued

Quick update from Debra

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Quick update from Debra Be sure to sign up for our newsletter by visiting Global Birth Fair or Orgasmic Birth and following the prompts to “subscribe to” or “sign up for” our newsletter. Here are excerpts from the latest….   … Continued

ABC 20-20

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ABC 20-20 Happy and Healthy New Year to all. A great kick off to 2009 was the airing of the ABC 20-20 segment  January 2, 2009 The direct video link is: We are thankful to ABC, JuJu Chang … Continued

EAT PRAY DOULA – the first days

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The heat rises, the sun grows strong, the energy from within and around grows strong. More stories, More tears, smiles and warm embraces, we open our hearts, share our vision, the doula spirit within grows stronger. We reconnect the circle of … Continued

Human Rights in Childbirth Conference

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Human Rights in Childbirth Conference        To visit the website:   To download the Human Rights in Childbirth Conference Flier in its full form, please click on the file attachment below.   

Orgasmic Birth Screening in Salt Lake City

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Orgasmic Birth Screening in Salt Lake City   Orgasmic Birth will screen on April 6th & May 4th in Salt Lake City, Utah at Moontime Rising’s Women’s Movie Night! Movie nights feature compelling documentaries focusing on women’s health, wellness, and … Continued

Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving At this special time of the year, I wanted to take time to reflect on the amazing journey we have had with Orgasmic Birth and to share my gratitude.   From waking with a dream to make a … Continued

Debra in Hungary, July 5-8, 2011

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Debra in Hungary, July 5-8, 2011   DONA approved postpartum doula workshop Debra Pascali-Bonaro, LCCE, CD(DONA) PCD(DONA) Dates: July 5 – 8 2011 Location: Hungary Contact person: Réka Dézsi Email:  

Ecstatic Birth Tele-Summit: The Body Series!!

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Ecstatic Birth Tele-Summit: The Body Series!! We want to share this information about a REMARKABLE upcoming tele-series: The Ecstatic Birth Tele-Summit: The Body Series which kicks off April 20th. Last year, Debra Pascali-Bonaro had the privilege of being a teacher in … Continued

What is so sexy about birth?!?

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What is so sexy about birth?!? Recently, I was telling a friend about Ecstatic birth and my upcoming Ecstatic birth Tele-Summit and I noticed that she had a dubious look on her face. When I questioned her she asked- “So, … Continued

Debra in Bulgaria and Bali

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Debra in Bulgaria and Bali Bulgaria March 19, 2011   I had a very special time in Sophia, Bulgaria!  My hostess was Daniel, an amazing women who is working on many levels to create global awareness about ecology, human connectedness, … Continued

Introducing Dr. Allemann

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Introducing Dr. Allemann My name is Elizabeth Allemann and I’ll be blogging for Debra, describing her travels and advocacy.  I’ll also be adding my own comments about birth.   I’m a Family Physician in central Missouri (midwestern US state).  Over … Continued

A little social media love…

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A little social media love… Hello! I’m so excited to be working with Debra — my name is Kathy Lopez, and I’m going to be helping the Orgasmic Birth team with some wild-n-crazy social media action.  I’m looking forward to … Continued

Pleasure in Birth: Is there a limit?

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Pleasure in Birth: Is there a limit? The upcoming Ecstatic Birth Tele-Summit ( has been generating a lot of buzz, opening possibilities, and raising questions about the potential of childbirth. The purpose of the course is to raise awareness that … Continued

Finding your tribe

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Finding your tribe  It feels like coming home to my doula tribe as I am reconnecting with many of the founders of DONA International, Penny Simkin, Phyllis Klaus, Marshall Klaus, Annie Kennedy as well as past presidents, doula trainers and … Continued

Orgasmic Birth, The Book: Some Feedback!

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Orgasmic Birth, The Book: Some Feedback! Posted on Facebook:  Orgasmic Birth: Your Guide to a Safe, Satisfying, and Pleasurable Birth Experience is getting great reviews…but I’d love to hear from any of you that have read it…what do you think?The … Continued

“Orgasmic Birth” book available June 8!

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“Orgasmic Birth” book available June 8! If you loved the Orgasmic Birth movie, then you won’t want to miss the Orgasmic Birth book.  Acclaimed Orgasmic Birth filmmaker Debra Pascali-Bonaro has joined forces with renowned author and activist Elizabeth Davis to … Continued

“Birth Models That Work” review

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“Birth Models That Work” review Jordan Levinson is a graduate student, writer, musician, and aspiring doula. She is completing a Masters in Public Health at New York University with a focus on international community development and maternal mortality reduction. She … Continued

CIMS Mother-Friendly Childbirth Forum 2010

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CIMS Mother-Friendly Childbirth Forum 2010 Deja, Robbie Davis-Floyd, Ricki Lake, Debra Pascali-Bonaro It was an amazing, energizing Mother-Friendly Childbirth Forum in Austin, Texas. It was like walking into a room of who’s who in childbirth in America. Penny Simkin, DONA … Continued

Community Life

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Community Life It has been a very busy and exciting few weeks as I have attended our Long Island, NY, Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington and Brooklyn, NY screenings of Orgasmic Birth.  As well as numerous interviews for magazines, radio and … Continued

Debra’s blog

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The Orgasmic Birth Blog New Year, New Vagina from Sex Coach Kim Anami I am so intrigued by Kim’s blog. Having enjoyed Sex and Relationship Coach: Kim Anami’s Unlock Your Pleasure O Birth Webinar, I thought it is time to … Continued

Med Students for Homebirth

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Med Students for Homebirth I thought I would share a recent email I received from Missouri:  I’m so thrilled with Orgasmic Birth and we here in Missouri have had several wildly successful screenings, filled with mainstream people who have left … Continued

Mother’s Rights are Human Rights

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Mother’s Rights are Human Rights Do you know how many women in the United States die every day from pregnancy-related reasons? The answer is shocking: two or more. This rate has actually increased since 1987. A new Amnesty International report, … Continued

My Interview with Deirdre Morris

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My Interview with Deirdre Morris Recently, I had a wonderful opportunity to speak with Deirdre Morris from Deirdre is a psychologist who now provides Spiritual Life Coaching (Law of Attraction) for couples seeking to enhance their fertility, facilitate a … Continued

One Million Campaign for Breastfeeding

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One Million Campaign for Breastfeeding Please join me in supporting the One Million Campaign at    I just signed on. It took less than two minutes.    The key fact for me is that the goal of this campaign … Continued

Orgasmic Birth Featured in Film Festival!

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Orgasmic Birth Featured in Film Festival! Orgasmic Birth has been selected as one of the very best independent films from around the World! The European Independent Film Festival 2009 (ÉCU), being held at La Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris, will host a screening of … Continued

Orgasmic Birth Travels

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Orgasmic Birth Travels Orgasmic Birth is opening peoples hearts to all that is possible in birth as our documentary  travels around the world beginning with the world premier at World Respected Childbirth Week in both the Czech Republic and Puerto … Continued

Prevent Cesarean Surgery Video

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Prevent Cesarean Surgery Video Prevent Cesarean Surgery Please watch this informative video on you tube   Prevent Cesarean Surgery is a short inspirational and entertaining production. Using real quotes spoken by women who have had both a cesarean … Continued

A Day to Remember

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A Day to Remember  As I opened my email this morning I received a note from a friend, doula and  writer, Kim Collins sharing on her blog about the work that many of us did in the NY and NJ … Continued

A Historic Time of Change

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A Historic Time of Change At this  historic time of the inauguration of Barack Oboma, our  44th President of the United States,  we are called to create change in our nation, our  communities, in our lives and to see the … Continued

Austria, Scotland, England

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Austria, Scotland, England  I am currently speaking in Graz Austria and had an opportunity to share Orgasmic Birth last night with a group of dedicated women who are working to improve care and support for women in Austria during pregnancy, … Continued

Big Medicine’s blowback on home births

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Big Medicine’s blowback on home births A recent op-ed in the LA Times by author Jennifer Block provides much to consider:  Why do U.S. doctors strong-arm women into our standard maternity care system?…   In her typical style, Jennifer … Continued

Birth and the Media

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Birth and the Media Stories and discussion about giving birth and home birth are hitting the media.   I look forward to having Orgasmic Birth add to the discussion soon as we await our release this spring.    Orgasmic Birth asks viewers … Continued

Cesarean Awareness Month

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Cesarean Awareness Month The beginning of April brings with it unexpected rain showers, the budding of new crocuses in winter’s forgotten garden, the first warm breeze and that joyous first jacket-less day.  It also brings the start of Cesarean Awareness … Continued

Global women’s health and rights

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Global women’s health and rights It is an exciting time as the world becomes united in new ways like Twitter and Facebook to discuss important issues.  Americans for UNFPA is hosting a chat on Twitter today to share ideas about … Continued

International MotherBaby Childbirth Initiative

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International MotherBaby Childbirth Initiative The International MotherBaby Childbirth Initiative: 10 Steps to Optimal Maternity Services (IMBCI)  was launched on March 8th  2008, on  International Women’s Day in Orlando, FL at the CIMS Mother-Friendly Childbirth Forum.    As a co-chair of the … Continued

Making normal birth a reality

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Making normal birth a reality Ob-gyn and midwife organizations in the UK are endorsing a new consensus report calling for action to increase rates of ‘normal birth’ where appropriate in order to minimize morbidity and complication rates.   The … Continued

Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark

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Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark  Every country, every provider, every woman and man wants to have the best outcome for their baby as possible. Yet the way we achieve this could not be more different as we look at maternity care systems … Continued

New Mothers Speak Out

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New Mothers Speak Out Childbirth Connection has just announced the release of their New Mothers Speak Out survey report, the third report in their Listening to Mothers series. “The report was developed from pertinent results from the Listening to Mothers … Continued

Orgasmic Birth in Popular Media -WMMR radio

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Orgasmic Birth in Popular Media -WMMR radio It’s been an interesting two days as Orgasmic Birth has been referenced in an article  about Jenna Jameson giving birth naturally to twin  sons:  And today on WMMR radio on the Preston … Continued

The Big Push for Midwives Campaign

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The Big Push for Midwives Campaign Orgasmic Birth will provide viewers with an understanding of all that is possible in giving birth for women, babies and families.  I hope that as people understand what is available to them during childbirth, … Continued

The Birth Survey Is Now Available Nationwide

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The Birth Survey Is Now Available Nationwide As part of the Transparency in Maternity Care Project, the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) developed The Birth Survey as a free online resource for new mothers in the United States to share their consumer reviews … Continued

The Birth Survey

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The Birth Survey It is time for all people to get involved to improve maternity care.  We must share our birth stories and discuss what constitutes quality, safe, satisfying care.  Maternity care effects women, babies, families and ultimately touches all … Continued

Women Deliver

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Women Deliver I am back home after 6 weeks traveling and speaking in the Netherlands, Austria, UK , Portugal, and attending the Women Deliver conference on Safe Motherhood.  Women Deliver brought together  2,000 participants from 109 countries to create the energy, … Continued

World Premiere

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World Premiere Orgasmic Birth had its world premiere on May 16th in both Prague, Czech Republic and Rio Piedras Puerto Rico during World Respected  Childbirth Week.  What a special and appropriate release/ birth for our long labor.  First comments included, … Continued

2006 US Cesarean Rates

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2006 US Cesarean Rates We are getting close to finishing Orgasmic Birth.  It is an exciting time for us.  We so appreciate all the emails asking when you can see our documentary.  Please keep checking the web site as we … Continued