Is Orgasmic Birth in Your Birth Plan?

Birth PlanNow that Orgasmic Birth is becoming more mainstream, with coverage in major online publications such as Cosmo and Huff Post, where do we go from here? We were not alone in loving Angela Gallo’s recent declaration of how touching herself in labor benefited her birth experience and we doubt that the existing number of .03% of women witnessed to have had an Orgasmic Birth will stay true for long. Would you tell your caregiver if you had an Orgasmic Birth? Most people tell us they didn’t – it is the best-kept secret after all.

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It is wonderful that culturally Orgasmic Birth is becoming more accepted and that scientifically there is more evidence and studies, but how do implement Orgasmic Birth, and do we include it in our birth plan (a.k.a. birth wishes)? What does this look like – Sarah Buckley began this process by creating the Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing Report, which explains in an evidence-based way, how inviting intimacy and sexuality into the birthing space can encourage the release of the birth hormones that we need to feel more relaxed, more loving, and in less pain. The report even outlines how to talk about the hormones with your provider.

Questions to ask a doctor or midwife (excerpt from Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing:

  • How do you support the natural hormones that help my baby and me through labor, birth, breastfeeding and bonding?
  • What do you do to avoid things that might disturb birth hormones?
  • What, if any, medical treatments or monitoring do you regularly use for all women during labor and birth? (If a doctor or midwife recommends medical treatments for all or most women, you may want to look for someone else.)
  • When would you recommend induced labor and why?
  • When would you recommend a cesarean and why?

It is important to remember that Orgasmic Birth is so much more than orgasm (although for some it’s the best orgasm ever, I would never want your birth desires to fall short if you did not experience a “birthgasm”). My desire for all is that you  experience the fullness of childbirth in your power, make informed decisions. I wish for you to enjoy the pleasure that comes from having a deep connection with your body and your baby – welcoming your baby with love is an Orgasmic Birth.

There are so many levels and ways to feel and enjoy our connection to our body, our partner, our baby- to our intimacy, our sexuality, and to our pleasure. It’s time we open the door to the full potential childbirth holds in our lives to give birth as nature intended – allowing our hormones of love and ecstasy to flow, providing natural pain relief while amplifying joy and love!

This is a MotherBaby’s pleasure right to birth with love!

So the answer is yes, it is completely within evidenced-based care to include discussion about hormones in your birth plan. You can also take our partner Pain to Power Online Childbirth Class, which is specifically designed to help you nourish and cultivate the hormones of love at your birth – teaching you how to have an Orgasmic Birth. Once you have discussed the hormones of birth with your partner and care provider, you can take pleasure in creating that luscious birth ambiance via the sights, smells, sounds, sensations and your space.

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