Don’t Mess with my Hormones! The Overuse of Pitocin during Childbirth

“The widespread use of synOT in managed labor warrants caution, as the influence of synOT on a new mother’s well-being is evident at 2 months postpartum.”

Intrapartum Synthetic Oxytocin and Its Effects on Maternal Well-Being at 2 Months Postpartum.

As I read this study I found myself saying “It’s not nice to mess around with women’s hormones!” Yet, we dont talk about how induction and augmentation of labor with Pitocin (artificial form of the hormone oxytocin) can carry many risks and that we have NO long term studies to show whether it’s safe for MotherBaby.

The package insert for Pitocin is full of concern that most women and their partners are never told and dont research (read the insert here). There is always a time and place for each of today’s interventions, and we are grateful to have these medical breakthroughs when they are needed. However, they are often used casually and too often, giving women and their partners, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals a false sense of safely that is truly leading too many people down a path that is putting our MotherBabies at risk.
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Instead of inducing and augmenting using an artificial hormone, what if we explored and supported the flow of our natural hormones, reducing risk, enhancing safety and pleasure? There are many more fun, pleasurable and safe ways to help your hormones flow for a gentle birth…. 
  • Kissing
  • Touching
  • Eye contact
  • Nipple stimulation
  • Masturbation
  • Vibrators – Yes clitoral stimulation will take you from oh no to Yes Yes Yes!

Oxytocin in its natural form, produced by our bodies, is a pain reliever – while synthetic oxytocin (pitocin) actually will add to your pain – what would you prefer?

It is important to understand that oxytocin is a shy hormone – in order to flow optimally in birth, or sex, the woman/mother needs privacy, to feel safe, and not to be observed. When these needs are met, the hormone will flow to it’s peak levels just as it would when we are intimate and orgasm!
If your hormones are not flowing in labor, ask yourself, do you feel you are in the right environment to make love?  If not, before you begin synthetic oxytocin you may want to consider creating a loving ambiance – dimming the lights, playing music, diffusing smells you love, and making sure you have the privacy and safety you need. You can touch, kiss and masterbate to help these hormones flow too!  

So, please think twice before using the artificial hormone pitocin as a recent study showed that it can have effects up to 2 months postpartum, and this may just be the tip of the iceberg.  Be informed about the risks and benefits, consider the other options, and learn ways to support mother nature’s blissful orgasmic design for childbirth through education, reading birth stories, and preparing to Birth with Love. 

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