Postpartum Love Bubble with Baby Tide

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Plum wins the birthweight guessing game!

The OBirth Community originally met Piper and Chaz in the Orgasmic Birth film and have been following them ever since, most recently as part of the en*theos Obirth Conference (their interview is now part of Pain to Power). Now we are honored to share visual and written descriptions from their home birth in Hawaii. This photo essay presents the last of of three parts including: Preparing in Early Labor, Home Waterbirth, and Postpartum.

In last week’s photo essay, Piper, Chaz and family welcomed Baby tide into the world- this week we dive into their postpartum love bubble!

Submitted by Piper & Chaz Lovemore



Moxie jumped in the tub to pass the Lovemore Baby baton.


Piper: The girls were eager to jump in with us! The photo above cracks me up- Moxie blowing bubbles in the birth water!


Piper: After a momentary eternity, namaste-ing this sweet new Spirit, Rocket cut his cord and then I prepare to hand him off so I can get out of the tub, wash up and settle into my postpartum cocoon.

Piper: Ché had wanted to catch the baby, but wasn’t in the room when his brother emerged. I was a little sad about him missing this opportunity, but after discussing it, we learned his primary interest was in being the first to hold his bother. So Chaz handed him into his brother’s care of his first experience of life beyond the birth tub. In the photos above the brothers are getting acquainted and the siblings welcome a newbie into the fold, cooing over Tide so sweetly.

Piper: Ché wanted a photo with his dad and brothers… He was so stoked to have a boy!
Chaz: He went and retrieved an old photo of their older brother so we all could be together.

(Above left to right) Rocket, Moxie, & Plum each made the external connection with the baby they’d been playing with in my tummy for months…


Piper: Tide snuggles up and makes his first attempts at nursing… Aaaand, I’m back to my life as usual… snuggled in under a kid pile!

… While my doulas went to prepare me a refreshing beverage, and Moxie and Axiom Tide shared their first tandem nursing session, Ché and I fell in love…

Piper: (In early labor on left) Rocket wrote a love note for us, calling in all of the members of our extended nuclear families right through to my grandmothers… Chaz: Our ancestor Spirits decided to send a rainbow into our space. Piper: I can always feel them present, just beyond the veil. Piper: (on the right) Dazzyll welcomes her fifth grandbaby!


Thank you to the OBirth community for sharing Piper and Chaz’ journey!

1009342_141570979369883_1469853363_oVisit Piper and Chaz at Lovemore Lamaze! Piper LoveMore is a birthworker on a mission. Her goal: to empower families around the globe to navigate their birth experiences with confidence and pleasure. To that end she has pursued certification as a Lamaze educator, a doula, and a midwife, spending countless hours in service to the parturient population. Chaz LoveMore is an audio engineer by trade, and a birth educator by necessity. “I realized that most dads had no idea what I was talking about, most of them were terrified, and I felt like that was unacceptable.”  Having been transformed by his first birth experience, he sought to encourage other partners to discover the power of their presence in the birth space, by speaking directly to their unique concerns. Together with Piper, he has worked to craft a unique childbirth education experience that both prepares and inspires expectant parents. Piper and Chaz have enjoyed four freebirths since their Orgasmic Birth delivery. They now live, love and explore in Hawaii with their five, free-learning children.

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