Emma’s Transformative Birth Story

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Submitted by Emma Stewart (A story from the OBirth library)

My birth journey began in 2005, when I became pregnant with my first daughter, Arwen. My husband and I believed that there must be a better way to birth than is so commonly portrayed in today’s society. So, after a little searching we found ourselves on the Cornish shores, with a beautiful midwife and HypnoBirthing Practioner, Olivia Secks. She enlightened us on how birth should and could be for all women; gentle, calm and sensuous. With the help of my husband, sister, mother and midwife I was able to bring my first baby into the world, shouting with exhilaration “open … open … open.” In the intimacy of my home, surrounded by candlelight and bathed in the love of my lover and womenfolk, I blessed my baby as she offered up her first gaze with the mantra of the female Buddha, tara ‘om tara tuttare ture soha’, my little one.

The birth was transformative, opening my eyes to the power and energy of birth, no pain, only energy. I saw visions of millennia of women with their feet firmly planted on the earth, bold, beautiful and extraordinarily sexy! It was also a time and place of healing for my mother as she witnessed gentle, unmedicated, simple birth, not the medical events her own birthing had been. Inspired by my birth, my pregnant twin went on to birth her baby at home, with her partner, safely and comfortably. This was no fluke – this was the revealing of a secret – birth, carefully prepared for and released of intervention and fear is not painful – but empowering, as women of the earth reclaim their birth rite as goddesses of procreation. Baby and mother working as one, in the beautiful dance of birth, dancing baby down with the rhythmic swaying of hips, the lifting of feet, guttural groans of release – the release of birthing energies, surging waves of p0wer,
ecstatic and breathtaking.

With my second baby, Sylvan, the birth took on an even deeper facet – a greater truth. Born only with the gentle, confident assurance of my husband – he delivered my girl child to the world.

As she entered the world into another watery ‘womb’, I felt a heightened sensation, like no other – the surges bringing me closer and closer to my baby, closer and closer to that one great release, the ecstatic birth; no, not like an orgasm, but older, wiser and more powerful, from the top of my head, to the toes and beyond … deep, all sensuous, pulsing, stretching to the beginning of time, to the essence of the female spirit. The feelings were potent, sexual, full of life. I did not need to ‘expel’ or push my baby, my body brought her forth, easily, in its own time. I was alive.

I had birthed – I, woman. All the hormones of birth released, no medication to dull the experience or baby’s: addictive. My babies have arrived gently, in a sacred space – no bright lights, no raised voices, no rush, no drugs, no interference – in a space of trust – trust that women and their babies know how to birth, whilst I, welcoming each life giving, ecstatic surge.

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